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We stand with businesses, families, individuals, governments, volunteers, donors, and local charities across the Commonwealth to implement solutions that go beyond short-term charity for a few and create lasting change.

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The 2018 Guide to Giving and Statewide Charity Resource Directory

A message from 2018 KECC Chair
Mike Harmon, Auditor of Public Accounts

Dear Public Servants of Kentucky,

I am honored to serve as the 2018 Chair of the Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign (KECC).  It is particularly exciting that this is the 25th Anniversary year of the Campaign, and this year’s theme, “Together We Care,” is the core principal of the KECC.

No single Kentucky organization can help our children and families at the level of achievement that the KECC charities have collectively accomplished over the last 25 years, but it cannot happen without the help of employees like you.  Every dollar makes a difference, and every dollar matters to the individuals, children, and families that these charities help every day.  

As always, KECC provides a convenient and easy way to donate to the charity of your choice.  I encourage you to participate in this opportunity to give, as generously as your means allow, and I thank you for the public service you provide every day to the citizens of our great Commonwealth.  

Thanks and God bless,


Mike Harmon
Auditor of Public Accounts

‍‍‍Did You Know?

Your payroll deduction pledge can be spread over an entire year? A $240 pledge is just $10 a pay period! There’s no easier way to give...

  • $50 per paycheck can provide 80 parents with curricula to complete 12 weeks of parent education and support programs
  • $25 per paycheck can cover the cost of converting a child’s wheelchair to one that will expand and fit the child as they grow
  • $15 per paycheck can provide 1,500 Kentuckians with resources to identify, report and prevent child abuse and neglect
  • $10 per paycheck can provide 20 square feet of rolled insulation to keep a family safe, warm, and dry
  • $8 per paycheck can allow 64 opportunities for parents to attend parent education classes by covering transportation costs
  • $6 per paycheck can provide Beginner’s Balance Beam for children struggling with mobility issues
  • $3 per paycheck can provide a cleanup kit and three cases of water during disaster relief efforts

YES! I want to help my fellow Kentuckians.

  • Electronic pledging via payroll deduction is provided in the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal of the Kentucky Human Resource Information System (KHRIS).  Click here to make a pledge today!
  • For those needing a paper form, a download link is provided in ESS. You can also print a pledge form at KECC.org.
  • Most people like to give through payroll deduction. It’s easy and lets you spread your gift over the course of a whole year.
  • Contributions may also be made by cash or check. Just print a pledge form and attach your donation. Checks should be made payable to: KECC (or Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign).
  • Remember that your contribution to KECC may be tax-deductible (check with your accountant to make sure).

‍‍‍Why the KECC Charities?

The KECC Charities undergo rigorous scrutiny by the Personnel Cabinet and have met stringent guidelines. They are well-managed and accountable and they help people right here in the Commonwealth. These federations represent nearly a thousand charitable programs, and when you scroll through the following pages, you will find that they touch all our lives.

Whether you know someone struggling to regain mobility after an accident, a family member who recently lost their job, a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, or you want to make sure your kids start school ready to succeed...your pledge can help make the difference.

Most importantly, 100% of collected pledges goes directly to help others when you give to one of the partner charities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, however, since the partner charities pay all KECC expenses, there is a 10 percent cost recovery charged to non-partner charities to help offset the processing costs of these pledges. To avoid this, you may wish to donate directly to that charity or consider giving to one of the KECC partner charities.

You may direct your gift to any 501(c)(3) organization by providing KECC with their address when pledging. To help hold down administrative costs, these gifts to other “write-in” charities must be at least a $50 cash gift or a payroll gift of $3 per paycheck.

Can I give to other charities?

Sometimes state employees make good-faith payroll deduction pledges to various charities through KECC, but are unable to fulfill them. In most cases, these employees retire or change careers before their payroll deduction pledge is fulfilled. Because of this, KECC does not receive the full donation. The campaign cannot pass along funds it does not collect to the charities; therefore, all the charities share the actual amount of the pledge loss on payroll deduction pledges. The percent uncollected each year is small, averaging eight percent.

What is ‘pledge loss,’ and how does it affect my payroll deduction donation?

When KECC sends payment to the charity of your choice, we only share your contact information if you give us permission to release it when pledging. If your pledge is directed to one or all of the KECC Charities, they will not use or release your information in any way other than to thank you.

Why should I release my name?

Cash pledges are sent in the first quarter following the end of the campaign. Because payroll deduction allows you to spread your donation over the course of a year, we put your gift to use right away -- donations to the partner charities or any agency they support are sent quarterly. Other “write-in” designations will be sent once all of the payroll deductions have been collected.

When will the charity of my choice receive the contributions I make?

Be a Leader!

One percent is all it takes to become a leadership giver! Every donation changes lives, but as you decide how you want to pledge this year, please consider joining the leadership circle. The chart below shows just how little it takes to make a big difference through leadership giving.

1% Leadership Giving By Salary Amount

For those making:

  • $25,000 per year, a 1% gift is just $10.42 per period or $250.08
  • $30,000 per year, a 1% gift is just $12.50 per period or $300.00
  • $35,000 per year, a 1% gift is just $14.59 per period or $350.16
  • $40,000 per year, a 1% gift is just $16.67 per period or $400.08
  • $45,000 per year, a 1% gift is just $18.75 per period or $450.00

Want to do more?  Become a Cornerstone Society Member.

If you want to make an even bigger difference in your community, KECC has a unique leadership program just for you. It’s called the Cornerstone Society. Any pledge of $1,000 or more is considered a Cornerstone Gift. That’s just $41.67 or more per paycheck.

Pledge online or talk to your KECC coordinator about obtaining a paper pledge form to make a cash or check gift. F
ill it out, and turn it in. It’s that easy, and it will help so many!

Give Wisely!

Below you will find information on hundreds of agencies you can support through the KECC! Whether you donate to one of the eight federated charities, or one of the many agencies they fund, you are sure to find a cause that matches your passion!

Get informed!
Agencies listed include the following information for your convenience:

  1. Agency Name
  2. EIN: The Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is a unique nine‐digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service to business and non‐profit entities which donors can use to research the agency of their choice.
  3. 25‐word statement of activities: Example: Agency provides service A, service B and service C to help individuals and families facing problem Q achieve outcome X, outcome Y and outcome Z.
  4. Percent of total expenses devoted to organization administration: XX.X% NOTE: Donor giving guides such as Guidestar.org, Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance each identify that agency effectiveness is not accurately measured using this figure alone. Get informed and give wisely!

‍‍‍Questions? Get the facts! Call us at 502-589-2296.‍‍‍

Supporting Cancer Survivors  

  • Helped more than 442 women manage appearance-related side effects of treatment.
  • Provided more than 2,000 special kits of tailored information and resources for newly diagnosed patients.
  • Provided 736 wigs to cancer patients.
  • Thousands of patients, survivors, and caregivers use our online Cancer Survivors Network.

Finding Cancer’s Causes and Cures

  • The American Cancer Society is currently funding 13 grants to five institutions and universities in Kentucky totaling more than $7.2 million.
  • The American Cancer Society has invested more than $4.6 billion in research and has given grant funding support to 47 individuals who went on to win the Nobel Prize.  

Providing Leadership and Education for the Health Care Community

  • Our cancer screening guidelines go through a rigorous, evidence-based review to help patients and their health care providers make the best choices to screen for cancer.
  • Our prevention guidelines help people reduce their risk of cancer, and our survivorship guidelines help people live life to the fullest after cancer.
  • We work in communities across the country and in 37 hospitals in Kentucky to get health care professionals information and resources to help more people prevent cancer or find it early, when it may be easier to treat.
  • Our three peer-reviewed journals inform health care professionals about emerging science so they can provide the best possible care for their patients.

Helping Cancer Patients Access Care

  • Provided more than 5,400 rides to treatment and other cancer-related appointments.
  • Provided nearly 12,000 nights of free lodging at our Hope Lodge® communities, and 270 nights of free or reduced lodging through our Hotel Partners Program.
  • Our patient navigator in Kentucky helped guide more than 530 newly diagnosed cancer patients to overcome barriers to care.

Offering Information and Education

  • Our 24/7 helpline handled more than 7,000 calls and live chats from Kentucky residents seeking support, information, and resources.
  • Our website, cancer.org, had more than 590,000 visits from Kentucky residents for the latest, most accurate information on virtually all topics related to cancer.

Fighting Cancer through Public Policy  

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN), our nonprofit, nonpartisan, advocacy affiliate, works with lawmakers at the federal, state, and local levels to pass laws and policies that impact our mission and improve our ability to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. Some results of these efforts:  

  • Barrier-free access to tobacco cessation treatments for all Kentuckians: We passed legislation requiring all Kentucky insurers to cover all US Preventive Services Task Force-recommended tobacco cessation treatments, including all seven FDA-approved medications and all three forms of counseling, with cost-sharing or prior authorization.  
  • Increase in overall state funds for cancer research and screenings, despite proposed cuts to state-government funding. This includes $5 million in new funding for pediatric cancer research in Kentucky.

How we save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

Here are just a few examples of how we worked toward achieving our mission in 2017.

cancer.org  |  1.800.227.2345


Why Appalachia?

Why Christian Appalachian Project?

Appalachia is home to many proud Kentuckians, but it is also home to some of the poorest regions of our nation. More than 41% of households in parts of Appalachia live in poverty.

For more than 50 years, CAP has been building hope, transforming lives, and sharing Christ’s love through service in Appalachia. Our life-changing programs and services restore hope for thousands of children, families, and seniors who struggle each day to break free from poverty.

We invite you to be part of what we do and make a difference for so many in Appalachia.‍‍‍

KECC Charity Representative
Elizabeth James
[email protected]
phone: 859.270.2131
on social: @chrisapp.org
web: christianapp.org‍‍‍

Community Health Charities
Making a difference because you care

Every 23 seconds
someone in the US is diagnosed with diabetes.


  • $5 can buy a week’s worth of glucose tablets, an important treatment for low blood sugar episodes, for a child having fun while learning to thrive with diabetes at camp.
  • $25 could provide an individual with a specialized cookbook to help them learn more about their disease, what and how to eat to manage everyday living.
  • $200 could pay for one child’s happy day at our camp where using insulin, checking blood sugars, and watching for lows is part of everything we do.


Community Health Charities is a nonprofit that raises awareness and resources for health and wellness by connecting more than 2,000 of the most trusted health charities across the United States with more than 17 million caring employees through workplace giving campaigns, causes, wellness programs, employee engagement, and strategic partnerships. Health has never been such an urgent priority: 77% of U.S. workers suffer from at least one long-term health condition, ranging from cancer to asthma — chances are someone you know is affected.


Summer Camp
American Diabetes Association

Kids running everywhere, swings are flying, water is splashing, and games are unfolding. It’s a typical summer camp in every way. Except One. Every one of the kids has diabetes. Here, for a few glorious days — and in many cases, for the first time in their lives — they’re just like every other kid. Laughing, playing, hanging out.

The effect is remarkable. Each summer, nearly 6,000 kids at dozens of camps across the country say goodbye to their camp friends and return home with newfound confidence in themselves, their future, and their ability to master a disease that leaves them feeling different. Providing this kind of life-changing impact for all people living with diabetes — and those at risk for the disease — is why we hold events, programs, and campaigns year-round.

ALS Association, Kentucky Chapter
EIN: 94-3124729  -  Leading the fight to treat and cure ALS through global research and nationwide advocacy while also empowering people with Lou Gehrig’s Disease and their families to live fuller lives by providing them with compassionate care and support.  39.4%

American Diabetes Association, Kentucky, Louisville
EIN: 13-1623888  - Committed to finding a cure for diabetes, improving care and providing information and support to help Stop Diabetes® through research, community programs and advocacy.  14.1%

American Lung Association in Kentucky
EIN: 31-4379531  -  Dedicated to helping Midlanders breathe easier by fighting lung disease, preventing smoking, managing asthma, and improving air quality through education, community service, advocacy, and research  13.5%

Children's Hospital Foundation, Kentucky
EIN: 61-6027530  -  To raise funds and generate support for Norton Children's Hospital a 267-bed pediatric hospital providing tertiary care of acutely-ill children regardless of ability to pay.  19.1%

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Kentucky/West Virginia Chapter
EIN: 13-1930701  -  The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is to cure cystic fibrosis and provide all people with CF the opportunity to lead full, productive lives.  14.4%

JDRF International, Kentucky Chapter
EIN: 23-1907729  -  JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our mission is to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications.  6.3%

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Kentucky & Southern Indiana Chapter
EIN: 13-5644916  -  The mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) is: Cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.  14.2%

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), Kentucky, Somerset
EIN: 61-1140329  -  NAMI Kentucky coordinates a network of local affiliates to provide education, advocacy and support to individuals, family members and friends affected by mental illnesses.  15.2%

National Kidney Foundation Serving Kentucky
EIN: 13-1673104  -  We are the largest, most effective, and longstanding organization fighting kidney disease, a growing public health problem affecting 1 in 3 Americans and their families.  22.2%

National Stem Cell Foundation
EIN: 83-0392250  -  Fund, promote and support collaboration in field of adult stem cell research. Fund early stage clinical trials. Improve people's lives worldwide. Make therapies universally accessible.  30%

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Bluegrass
EIN: 61-0986164  -  Helps keep families together during a child's medical crisis. Existing solely on donations, our charity provides a safe and comfortable "home away from home".  25%

Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky
EIN: 31-1081176  -  The Spina Bifida Association of Kentucky promotes the prevention of Spina Bifida and enhances the lives of all affected.  32.4%

Supplies Over Seas
‍‍‍EIN: 27-2624272  -  SOS is a medical surplus recovery organization, partnering with hospitals and medical institutions to recover surplus medical supplies that would otherwise go into landfills.  5.5%

Alzheimer's Association, Greater Kentucky & Southern Indiana Chapter
EIN: 13-3039601  -  The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care and support and the largest private, nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research.  10.5%

American Heart Association, Great Rivers Affiliate, KY, Lexington
EIN: 13-5613797  -  Dedicated to building lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke through education, research, advocacy and outreach through community programs, helping people live longer, healthier lives.  24.9%

Arthritis Foundation, Great Lakes Region, Kentucky
EIN: 58-1341679  -  The Arthritis Foundation is the champion of Yes. The Foundation helps conquer battles through life-changing information and resources, access to care and advancements in science.  24.9%

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Kentucky Chapter
EIN: 13-6193105  -  Our mission is to cure Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases.  18.6%

Gilda's Club Louisville, Kentucky
EIN: 20-1635170  -  Gilda's Club Louisville's mission is to ensure that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community.  18%

Kids Cancer Alliance
EIN: 61-1256743  -  Provides camp, recreational and support programs for children with cancer and their families to enhance quality of life. All programs are provided free of charge.  19%

Muscular Dystrophy Association, Louisville KY
EIN: 13-1665552  -  Fighting neuromuscular diseases through worldwide research; providing comprehensive healthcare services and support to MDA families nationwide; and rallying communities through advocacy, fundraising and local engagement.  7.1%

National Hemophilia Foundation, Kentucky
EIN: 61-0656750  -  Assists individuals with hemophilia and similar bleeding disorders through education, advocacy, support services, and promotes research for a cure.  15%

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
EIN: 13-5661935  -  People affected by MS can live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever.  29%

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kentuckiana
EIN: 31-1053467  -  Provides a “home away from home" for families of seriously ill children through the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room Programs.  16.1%

Special Olympics Kentucky
EIN: 61-0954571  -  Provides year-round sports, health, and education programs for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them the opportunity to develop physically and socially.  24.5%

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (serving Kentucky)
EIN: 35-1044585  -  Researches and treats childhood cancer and other lifethreatening diseases. Families never billed by St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food. Discoveries freely shared worldwide. 19%


Who we are

For over 95 years, Kosair Charities has had one mission—helping children in need. We are elevating Kentucky and Southern Indiana by focusing on what children need to succeed. Together with experts, key partners, childcare professionals and donors, we are focusing on elevating and funding five key areas that we believe will set the stage for kids in our community to take light:

  • Child advocacy
  • Childhood education
  • Clinical research
  • Pediatric healthcare
  • Social services

Join Us‍‍‍‍‍‍

Your workplace gift to the Kosair Kids® Financial Assistance Program will directly impact the affordability and accessibility of healthcare for kids across Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Pledge your support now via payroll deduction in your Employee Self Service (ESS) portal.

Change a Child's Life

Your donation will help children and families in need through the Kosair Kids® Financial Assistance Program. This program provides financial aid to families for medical bills they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Last year,the KKFA Program helped over 150 families in Kentucky with over $309,000 in medical bills.

$3 per paycheck covers one session of occupational, physical, or speech therapy for a child with special needs.

$6 per paycheck provides a t-stool cushion and a move-and-sit disc for kids with autism; allowing them to work on their balance and focus.‍‍‍

$10 per paycheck covers a SPIO vest for children with sensory processing disorder to become calm in therapy and everyday life.‍‍‍

$15 per paycheck covers auditory evaluations for children that are experiencing hearing loss or hearing impairment.‍‍‍

$25 per paycheck covers the cost of converting a child’s current wheelchair to one that will expand and it the child as they grow.‍‍‍

$50 per paycheck covers the cost of a therapy tricycle for a child w‍‍‍‍‍‍ith special needs.

‍‍‍Kosair Charities Committee, Inc.
EIN: 60-0514703—Protects the health and well-being of children in KY and Sout‍‍‍‍‍‍hern IN by providing financial support for pediatric health care, medical research, education and child advocacy services. 7.32%

The Kentucky Council on Child Abuse, Inc.
EIN: 61-1111813 - Prevent Child Abuse Kent‍‍‍uckyProviding statewide child abuse prevention services - public awareness campaigns,advocacy, parent education and support, professional training, technical assistance and community-based prevention programs. 7.7%



WHO WE A‍‍‍RE‍‍‍

March of Dimes fights for the health of all moms and babies. We’re advocating for policies to protect them. We’re working to radically improve the health care they receive. We’re pioneering research to find solutions. We’re empowering families with programs, knowledge and tools to have healthier pregnancies. By uniting communities, we’re building a brighter future for us all.

We do this by supporting research toward solutions that ensure every baby is born healthy. Our staff and dedicated volunteers advocate for policies that prioritize the health of moms and babies. Our funding provides resources and programs t‍‍‍o help moms before, during and after pregnancy. We educate medical professionals on known solutions to improve the care that moms and babies receive. Our local staff unite their communities across the nation through events and collaboratives and partner with organizations and companies committed to helping moms and their families.‍‍‍


  • BRIGHT Coalition: Building on the Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait® program, this grant will help provide education and resources regarding inequity in birth outcomes for Latina women in Bowling Green.
  • TJ Samson Community Hospital: A continuation of a 2017 grant providing a specialized nurse to improve a patient’s access to prenatal education with the goal of decreasing early elective deliveries, substance abuse, and tobacco use among pregnant women in Glasgow.
  • Green River District Health Department: Provides smoking cessation education and support programs to women of childbearing age and pregnant women in Daviess County.
  • Lexington-Fayette County Health Department: Provides smoking cessation education and support programs to pregnant women in Fayette County.

EMAIL: [email protected]


801 Corporate Drive, Ste. 120
Lexington, KY 40503
859-225-8879      www.pcaky.org

Every 22 minutes in Kentucky, a child is found to be a victim of child abuse, neglect or in need of protective services (TWIST Data, 2017).

Conservatively, 1 out of 4 girls, 1 out of 6 boys, will be victims of sexual abuse before their 18th birthday. (Centers for Disease Control, 2014)

What is the solution?

Prevention works!

It is the only cure. ‍‍‍Our efforts have focused‍‍‍ exclusively on statewide prevention programming:

  • Educational resources addressing strategies to deal with parental stress, child development and discipline
  • Statewide education and awareness
  • Parent education and support groups
  • Expert-led trainings targeting audiences in the position of preventing, intervening and supporting child maltreatment
  • Kids Are Worth It!® Conference
  • Statewide Partners in Prevention Network
  • Technical assistance surrounding child sexual abuse prevention to summer camps, places of worship, daycare facilities and others providing oversight to children

How your donation helps

Last year, donations helped make the following possible:

It is the only cure. Our efforts have focused exclusively on statewide prevention programming:

  • Equipped 139,868 Kentuckians, representing every county, with child abuse prevention resources and educational materials.
  • Provided 330 individuals with support on 1-800-CHILDREN.
  • Conducted 111 presentations educating 5,830 individuals on child abuse and neglect prevention.
  • Served 14,158 parents and caregivers through parent education and support services.
  • Provided 35 trainings to over 850 individuals working in youth programs such as faith entities, after-school or athletic programs on preventing child sexual abuse.
  • ‍‍‍This program armed individuals caring for over 108,300 kids with strategies to keep kids safe while in their care.

100% for the kids!
229 WHAS Crusade for Children grants have been awarded for 2018-2019, totaling $5,675,000.

Change a child's life!
Our Mission: The WHAS Crusade for Children makes life better for children with special needs by inspiring generosity with our community partners.

Thanks to generous contributions of goods and services, the Crusade is able to return 100 percent of all donations to organizations that serve children with special needs in all 120 Kentucky counties and more than 50 southern Indiana counties.

Every penny counts!

The Crusade’s annual average donations of $5 million are only able to fund one-third of the up to $15 million in grant requests from Kentucky schools, hospitals and agencies.

$180 Million dollars raised‍‍

Millions of children helped

170 Counties in Kentucky and Indiana

65 Years Running


WHAS Crusade for Children

520 West Chestnut St.

Louisville, KY 40202

(502) 582-7706


100% for the kids!

The WHAS Crusade for Children, Inc. established in 1954 by WHAS-TV, raises money for agencies, schools and hospitals to make life better for children with special needs. In its first 65 years, the Crusade has raised more than $175 million.

One hundred percent of every donation made in Kentucky stays in Kentucky to help schools, hospitals, and agencies that provide direct services to children with special needs.



United Way fights for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in every Kentucky community.

Download a PDF of the 2018 KECC Brochure