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Together, we can save lives and stop the abuse of children in Kentucky.

Contact Us:

Heather Wagers
Office of Trafficking and Abuse
Prevention and Prosecution
[email protected]



How We Help:
Reducing the impact and incidence of child abuse in Kentucky.
Suspect abuse?
You have the ability to make a difference.

Our mission at the Child Victims’ Trust Fund (CVTF) is to provide funding to help reduce the incidence and impact of child abuse in Kentucky. The need is real. Kentucky children are at risk. Prevention is key. We promote, support, and fund effective programs to improve the safety of our children.

There are many great organizations in Kentucky dedicated to preventing child abuse. Since 1984, The CVTF has been working with those organizations to help fund their efforts. We assist with educational and promotional programs to inform people about the issue of child abuse, warning signs, laws, and available resources. The CANP (Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention) Board oversees the distribution of funds granted to community organizations to ensure the money is being well-spent.

The CVTF prevention activities and child advocacy programs are funded through private donations, proceeds from the purchase of “I Care About Kids” license plates and donations made through the state income tax refund check-off program.


Your voice and actions matter.

You are not being a nosy neighbor. You are not overreacting. Your action may save a child’s life. Any adult who suspects that a child is being abused is required by law to report the abuse.

Consider these facts:

Statistics show that 1 in 10 children are sexually abused before their 18th birthday. What’s worse, only a third of these crimes are ever reported.

Look for the Signs

There are often certain recognizable physical and behavioral signals of child abuse or neglect:

  • Nightmares, sleep problems, extreme fears without an obvious explanation;
  • Sudden or unexplained personality changes;
  • An older child behaving like a younger child (for example, bedwetting or thumb sucking);
  • Develops fear of certain places or resists being alone with an adult or young person for unknown causes;
  • Shows resistance to routine bathing or removing clothes even in appropriate situations;
  • Play, writing, drawings or dreams of sexual or frightening images;Refuses to talk about a secret he or she has with an adult or older child;
  • Stomach aches or illness, often with no identifiable reason;
  • Uses new or adult words for body parts;
  • Engages in adult-like sexual activities with toys, objects or other children;
  • Develops special relationship with older friends that may include unexplained money, gifts or privileges;
  • Develops physical symptoms such as unexplained soreness, pain or bruises around genitalia or mouth.

Sourced from: Stop It Now!

The Kentucky Child Victims’ Trust Fund (CVTF) provides funding for child abuse prevention programs. The CVTF awards grant funding to regional and statewide prevention programs that utilize innovative strategies to provide children with personal safety skills, teach adults how to keep children safe from child abuse and exploitation and inform the public about mandatory reporting of suspected child abuse. The CVTF also provides partial reimbursement for child sexual abuse medical exams at children’s advocacy centers across the state.

Office of the Attorney General
700 Capital Avenue, Suite 118
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601
Main Line: (502) 696-5300

The Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention (CANP) Board, a 170(c)(1) non-profit organization, oversees the CVTF.