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United Way of Kentucky
EIN: 31-1106795 - Fighting for the education, financial stability and health of all Kentuckians through our network of twenty-two local United Ways and partner programs across the Commonwealth.

We stand with businesses, families, individuals, governments, volunteers, donors, and local charities across the Commonwealth to implement solutions that go beyond short-term charity for a few and create lasting change.


We rise or fall together. Help make your community a better place. Connect with your local United Way to give, advocate, and volunteer at http://www.uwky.org.

United Way of Kentucky
P.O. Box 4653 • Louisville, KY 40204-0653
502.589.6897 • www.uwky.org • [email protected] • #LIVEUNITED


What’s your mission?
Change starts with you. Take action today to make a difference right where you live. 

This year, we’re asking every state employee to make a pledge of just $1 or more per pay period through the KECC to the charity of your choice.

If you give to United Way, you can trust that we are going to stretch that gift to cover basic needs services that families so desperately need as we fight to recover after the tornado and flood disasters of recent months - things most of us take for granted like food, and electricity, and a roof over our head.

But that’s not all – we are going to invest in your children’s education, from birth through college graduation.  We are going to provide financial literacy and adult education programs that break the cycle of poverty.  And we’re going to invest in services that eliminate barriers to family success, no matter what county, zip code or neighborhood you live in.

In short, United Way and the KECC are improving lives and strengthening Kentucky communities. Give $24 or more through the KECC this year and make it count.  There’s no better way to spend a dollar per pay period.  Thanks for your generosity.


United Way of Kentucky is inviting you to that day.

Right now, thousands of Kentucky children don't have a bed to sleep in tonight.

Right now, thousands of Kentucky children will go to school hungry tomorrow.

Right now, thousands of Kentucky families are still figuring out how to manage after a disaster changed their lives forever.

Right now, YOU can make today one of the most important days in their lives, because you can give them hope.

When was the last time you were invited to the most important day in someone's life?

United Way of Southern Kentucky
Bowling Green Tornado Recovery Support


  • Adair United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Allen Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Allen United Way 2-1-1
  • Allen United Way Education Initiatives
  • Allen United Way Health Initiatives
  • Allen United Way Income Initiatives
  • Allen United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Allen United Way Safety Net
  • Anderson American Red Cross
  • Anderson Anderson Community Education
  • Anderson Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Anderson Arbor Youth Services
  • Anderson Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Anderson Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Anderson Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Anderson CASA of the Bluegrass
  • Anderson Child Care Council
  • Anderson Chrysalis House
  • Anderson Community Action Council
  • Anderson Faith Feeds
  • Anderson Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Anderson Girl Scouts
  • Anderson GreenHouse 17
  • Anderson Hope Center
  • Anderson Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Anderson Jubilee Jobs
  • Anderson Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Anderson LIGHT Center Corporation
  • Anderson Mentors & Meals
  • Anderson Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Anderson Post Clinic
  • Anderson Reading Camp
  • Anderson Refuge for Women
  • Anderson Repairers Lexington
  • Anderson Salvation Army
  • Anderson The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Anderson The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Anderson United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Anderson Urban League
  • Anderson Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Anderson Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation
  • Anderson YMCA - Central KY
  • Ballard United Way of Western Kentucky
  • Ballard Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center - Ballard
  • Ballard Lifeline Recovery Center - Ballard
  • Ballard Kentucky Legal Aid - Ballard
  • Ballard Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center - Ballard
  • Ballard Salvation Army - Ballard
  • Barren Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Barren United Way 2-1-1
  • Barren United Way Education Initiatives
  • Barren United Way Health Initiatives
  • Barren United Way Income Initiatives
  • Barren United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Barren United Way Safety Net
  • Bath United Way
  • Bell American Red Cross, Lake Cumberland Chapter
  • Bell Bluegrass Care Navigators
  • Bell Community Effort Against Spouse Abuse (CEASE)
  • Bell Cooperative Christian Ministries (CCM)
  • Bell Council on Literacy
  • Bell Cumberland Trails United Way
  • Bell Salvation Army
  • Bell Senior Citizens of Bell County
  • Bell Servolution
  • Bell Vets Serving Vets
  • Boone BAWAC
  • Boone Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati
  • Boone Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati
  • Boone Brighton Center
  • Boone Brighton Properties, Inc.
  • Boone Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington
  • Boone Children's Law Center
  • Boone Covington Partners
  • Boone Easterseals Redwood
  • Boone Every Child Succeeds
  • Boone Family Nurturing Center
  • Boone Freestore Foodbank
  • Boone Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
  • Boone Holly Hill Children's Services
  • Boone Last Mile Food Rescue, Inc.
  • Boone Learning Grove
  • Boone Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Boone Life Learning Center
  • Boone Mental Health America
  • Boone Northern KY Community Action Commission
  • Boone Pro Seniors, Inc.
  • Boone Redwood Rehabilitation
  • Boone Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky
  • Boone The Bail Project
  • Boone The Consortium for Resilient Young Children
  • Boone The Ion Center for Violence Prevention
  • Boone United Way of Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky
  • Boone Welcome House of Northern KY
  • Bourbon 4-H Council
  • Bourbon American Red Cross
  • Bourbon Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Bourbon Arbor Youth Services
  • Bourbon Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Bourbon Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Bourbon Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Bourbon CASA of Lexington
  • Bourbon Child Care Council
  • Bourbon Chrysalis House
  • Bourbon Community Action Council
  • Bourbon Faith Feeds
  • Bourbon Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Bourbon Girl Scouts
  • Bourbon GreenHouse 17
  • Bourbon Hope Center
  • Bourbon Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Bourbon Jubilee Jobs
  • Bourbon Kaden's Cause
  • Bourbon Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Bourbon Mentors & Meals
  • Bourbon Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Bourbon Post Clinic
  • Bourbon Reading Camp
  • Bourbon Refuge for Women
  • Bourbon Repairers Lexington
  • Bourbon Salvation Army
  • Bourbon The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Bourbon The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Bourbon United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Bourbon Urban League
  • Bourbon Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Bourbon YMCA - Paris/Bourbon
  • Boyd United Way 2-1-1 - Northeast Kentucky Regional
  • Boyd United Way Basic Needs Fund
  • Boyd United Way Education Fund
  • Boyd United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Boyd United Way Health Fund
  • Boyd United Way of Northeast Kentucky
  • Boyle Heart of Kentucky United Way
  • Boyle United Way Education Fund
  • Boyle United Way Health Fund
  • Boyle United Way Income Fund
  • Bracken United Way
  • Breathitt United Way of Southeastern Kentucky
  • Breckinridge 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Breckinridge United Way Education Fund
  • Breckinridge United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Breckinridge United Way Health Fund
  • Breckinridge United Way of Central Kentucky
  • Bullitt Closing the Education Gap
  • Bullitt Closing the Wealth Gap
  • Bullitt Health and Basic Needs
  • Bullitt Metro United Way
  • Bullitt United Neighborhoods
  • Butler Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Butler United Way 2-1-1
  • Butler United Way Education Initiatives
  • Butler United Way Health Initiatives
  • Butler United Way Income Initiatives
  • Butler United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Butler United Way Safety Net
  • Caldwell American Red Cross
  • Caldwell Dyslexia Association
  • Caldwell Legal Aid
  • Caldwell Meals on Wheels
  • Caldwell Pennyrile Children's Advocacy Center
  • Caldwell Sanctuary
  • Caldwell Trace Industries
  • Caldwell United Way of the Pennyrile
  • Caldwell PACS/Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Senior Citizens Center
  • Calloway Calloway County Collective
  • Calloway Community Fund
  • Calloway COVID-19 Response
  • Calloway Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Calloway Financial Literacy
  • Calloway United Way of Murray/Calloway County
  • Campbell BAWAC
  • Campbell Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati
  • Campbell Brighton Center
  • Campbell Brighton Properties, Inc.
  • Campbell Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington
  • Campbell Children's Law Center
  • Campbell Covington Partners
  • Campbell Easterseals Redwood
  • Campbell Every Child Succeeds
  • Campbell Family Nurturing Center
  • Campbell Freestore Foodbank
  • Campbell Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
  • Campbell Holly Hill Children's Services
  • Campbell Last Mile Food Rescue, Inc.
  • Campbell Learning Grove
  • Campbell Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Campbell Life Learning Center
  • Campbell Mental Health America
  • Campbell Northern KY Community Action Commission
  • Campbell Pro Seniors, Inc.
  • Campbell Redwood Rehabilitation
  • Campbell Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky
  • Campbell The Bail Project
  • Campbell The Consortium for Resilient Young Children
  • Campbell The Ion Center for Violence Prevention
  • Campbell United Way of Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky
  • Campbell Welcome House of Northern KY
  • Carlisle United Way of Western Kentucky
  • Carlisle Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center - Carlisle
  • Carlisle Lifeline Recovery Center - Carlisle
  • Carlisle Kentucky Legal Aid - Carlisle
  • Carlisle Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center - Carlisle
  • Carlisle Salvation Army - Carlisle
  • Carroll United Way
  • Carter United Way 2-1-1 - Northeast Kentucky Regional
  • Carter United Way Basic Needs Fund
  • Carter United Way Education Fund
  • Carter United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Carter United Way Health Fund
  • Carter United Way of Northeast Kentucky
  • Casey United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Christian Aaron McNeil House
  • Christian American Red Cross
  • Christian Boys & Girls Club
  • Christian Dyslexia Association
  • Christian Imagination Library
  • Christian Legal Aid
  • Christian Literacy Council
  • Christian Meals on Wheels
  • Christian PACS/Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Senior Citizens Cent
  • Christian Pennyrile Children's Advocacy Center
  • Christian Rescue Team
  • Christian Salvation Army
  • Christian Sanctuary
  • Christian St. Luke Free Clinic
  • Christian Trace Industries
  • Christian United Way of the Pennyrile
  • Christian YMCA, Armed Services
  • Christian Youth Services Advisory Board
  • Clark American Red Cross
  • Clark Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Clark Arbor Youth Services
  • Clark Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Clark Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Clark Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Clark CASA of the Bluegrass
  • Clark Child Care Council
  • Clark Chrysalis House
  • Clark Community Action Council
  • Clark Community Services
  • Clark Faith Feeds
  • Clark Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Clark Girl Scouts
  • Clark GreenHouse 17
  • Clark Homeless Coalition
  • Clark Hope Center
  • Clark Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Clark Jubilee Jobs
  • Clark Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Clark Mentors & Meals
  • Clark Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Clark Post Clinic
  • Clark Reading Camp
  • Clark Refuge for Women
  • Clark Repairers Lexington
  • Clark Rowland Arts Center
  • Clark Salvation Army
  • Clark The Beacon of Hope Emergency Shelter, Inc
  • Clark The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Clark The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Clark United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Clark Urban League
  • Clark Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Clark YMCA - Central KY
  • Clay United Way
  • Clinton United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Crittenden United Way
  • Cumberland United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Daviess 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Daviess AACS Early Head Start
  • Daviess American Red Cross
  • Daviess Boulware Mission
  • Daviess Boy Scouts Lincoln Heritage Council
  • Daviess Building Stronger Families
  • Daviess Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club
  • Daviess Community Wide Care - Daviess
  • Daviess Foster Grandparent Program
  • Daviess Girls Incorporated
  • Daviess H.L. Neblett Center
  • Daviess Hospice of Western KY
  • Daviess Mentor Kids KY
  • Daviess New Beginnings - Sexual Assault Support Services
  • Daviess Opportunity Center of Owensboro
  • Daviess Owensboro Area Shelter & Information Services (O.A.S.I.S.)
  • Daviess Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
  • Daviess Salvation Army
  • Daviess Senior Community Center of ODC
  • Daviess Senior Companion Program
  • Daviess United Way of the Ohio Valley
  • Daviess YMCA (Owensboro Family)
  • Edmonson Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Edmonson United Way 2-1-1
  • Edmonson United Way Education Initiatives
  • Edmonson United Way Health Initiatives
  • Edmonson United Way Income Initiatives
  • Edmonson United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Edmonson United Way Safety Net
  • Elliott United Way 2-1-1 - Northeast Kentucky Regional
  • Elliott United Way Basic Needs Fund
  • Elliott United Way Education Fund
  • Elliott United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Elliott United Way Health Fund
  • Elliott United Way of Northeast Kentucky
  • Estill United Way
  • Fayette American Red Cross
  • Fayette Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Fayette Arbor Youth Services
  • Fayette Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Fayette Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Fayette Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Fayette CASA of Lexington
  • Fayette Centro de San Juan Diego
  • Fayette Child Care Council
  • Fayette Chrysalis House
  • Fayette Community Action Council
  • Fayette Faith Feeds
  • Fayette Fayette County Public Schools
  • Fayette Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Fayette Girl Scouts
  • Fayette GreenHouse 17
  • Fayette Hope Center
  • Fayette Hope's Embrace
  • Fayette Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Fayette Jubilee Jobs
  • Fayette Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Fayette Life Adventure Center
  • Fayette Lighthouse Ministries
  • Fayette Mentors & Meals
  • Fayette Mission Lexington
  • Fayette Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Fayette Post Clinic
  • Fayette Reading Camp
  • Fayette Refuge for Women
  • Fayette Repairers Lexington
  • Fayette Salvation Army
  • Fayette The Foster Care Council of LexKy
  • Fayette The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Fayette The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Fayette United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Fayette Urban League
  • Fayette Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Fayette YMCA - Central KY
  • Fleming United Way
  • Floyd 4-H Council
  • Floyd American Red Cross
  • Floyd Appalachian Pregnancy Care
  • Floyd Catholic Charities
  • Floyd Happy House Adult Day Care
  • Floyd Judi's Place for Kids
  • Floyd Rescue Squad
  • Floyd Senior Citizens
  • Floyd St. Vincent's Mission
  • Floyd Turning Point
  • Floyd United Way of Eastern Kentucky
  • Franklin ACCESS Soup Kitchen/Men's Shelter
  • Franklin American Red Cross
  • Franklin Capital City Activity Center (formerly Senior Activity Center)
  • Franklin CASA, Bluegrass
  • Franklin Emergency Food Pantry
  • Franklin Franklin County Women and Family Shelter
  • Franklin Girl Scouts
  • Franklin Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Franklin Kaden's Cause
  • Franklin Kings Center
  • Franklin Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Franklin Salvation Army
  • Franklin Senior Companion Program: Blue Grass Community Action Partnership
  • Franklin SIMON House
  • Franklin South Frankfort Community Center
  • Franklin Sunshine Center
  • Franklin Thorn Hill Education Center
  • Franklin YMCA
  • Fulton United Way of Western Kentucky
  • Fulton Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center - Fulton
  • Fulton Lifeline Recovery Center - Fulton
  • Fulton Kentucky Legal Aid - Fulton
  • Fulton Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center - Fulton
  • Fulton Salvation Army - Fulton
  • Gallatin United Way
  • Garrard Heart of Kentucky United Way
  • Garrard United Way Education Fund
  • Garrard United Way Health Fund
  • Garrard United Way Income Fund
  • Grant BAWAC
  • Grant Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati
  • Grant Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati
  • Grant Brighton Center
  • Grant Brighton Properties, Inc.
  • Grant Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington
  • Grant Children's Law Center
  • Grant Covington Partners
  • Grant Easterseals Redwood
  • Grant Every Child Succeeds
  • Grant Family Nurturing Center
  • Grant Freestore Foodbank
  • Grant Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
  • Grant Holly Hill Children's Services
  • Grant Last Mile Food Rescue, Inc.
  • Grant Learning Grove
  • Grant Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Grant Life Learning Center
  • Grant Mental Health America
  • Grant Northern KY Community Action Commission
  • Grant Pro Seniors, Inc.
  • Grant Redwood Rehabilitation
  • Grant Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky
  • Grant The Bail Project
  • Grant The Consortium for Resilient Young Children
  • Grant The Ion Center for Violence Prevention
  • Grant United Way of Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky
  • Grant Welcome House of Northern KY
  • Graves United Way of Western Kentucky
  • Graves Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center
  • Graves Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center - Graves
  • Graves Lifeline Recovery Center - Graves
  • Graves Kentucky Legal Aid - Graves
  • Graves Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center - Graves
  • Graves Salvation Army - Graves
  • Grayson 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Grayson United Way Education Fund
  • Grayson United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Grayson United Way Health Fund
  • Grayson United Way of Central Kentucky
  • Green United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Greenup United Way 2-1-1 - Northeast Kentucky Regional
  • Greenup United Way Basic Needs Fund
  • Greenup United Way Education Fund
  • Greenup United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Greenup United Way Health Fund
  • Greenup United Way of Northeast Kentucky
  • Hancock 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Hancock 4-H Council
  • Hancock Community Wide Care - Hancock
  • Hancock Food Pantry
  • Hancock Help Office
  • Hancock Hospice of Western KY
  • Hancock Meals on Wheels - HC Senior Services
  • Hancock Owensboro Area Shelter & Information Services (O.A.S.I.S.)
  • Hancock Repair Affair
  • Hancock United Way of the Ohio Valley
  • Hardin 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Hardin United Way Education Fund
  • Hardin United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Hardin United Way Health Fund
  • Hardin United Way of Central Kentucky
  • Harlan American Red Cross, Lake Cumberland Chapter
  • Harlan Bluegrass Care Navigators
  • Harlan Community Effort Against Spouse Abuse (CEASE)
  • Harlan Cooperative Christian Ministries (CCM)
  • Harlan Cumberland Trails United Way
  • Harlan Fellowship Center of Wallins
  • Harlan Harlan Boys and Girls Club
  • Harlan Salvation Army
  • Harlan Servolution
  • Harlan Vets Serving Vets
  • Harrison United Way
  • Hart Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Hart United Way 2-1-1
  • Hart United Way Education Initiatives
  • Hart United Way Health Initiatives
  • Hart United Way Income Initiatives
  • Hart United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Hart United Way Safety Net
  • Henderson Audubon Foster Grandparent Program
  • Henderson Audubon Senior Companion Program
  • Henderson Barrett Center CATS Youth Program
  • Henderson Barrett Center Certified Nursing Assistance Program
  • Henderson Barrett Center Welding Program
  • Henderson CATS Community and Technology Center Youth Program
  • Henderson Christian Community Outreach
  • Henderson Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club
  • Henderson Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center
  • Henderson Gathering Place
  • Henderson Henderson Community College FAME
  • Henderson Hugh Edward Sandefur Center
  • Henderson Imagination Library
  • Henderson Involvement
  • Henderson New Beginnings
  • Henderson Owensboro Area Shelter & Information Services (O.A.S.I.S.)
  • Henderson Riverview School
  • Henderson Salvation Army
  • Henderson Shelter for Women & Children, Father Bradley
  • Henderson St. Anthony's Hospice
  • Henderson United Way of Henderson County
  • Henderson Volunteer & Information Center
  • Henry United Way
  • Hickman United Way of Western Kentucky
  • Hickman Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center - Hickman
  • Hickman Kentucky Legal Aid - Hickman
  • Hickman Lifeline Recovery Center - Hickman
  • Hickman Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center - Hickman
  • Hickman Salvation Army - Hickman
  • Hopkins American Red Cross
  • Hopkins ARCH Community Health Coalition
  • Hopkins CASA of Midwest Kentucky
  • Hopkins Muhlenberg County Opportunity Center
  • Hopkins PACS Home Delivered Meals
  • Hopkins Pennyroyal Trace Industries
  • Hopkins Salvation Army
  • Hopkins The Learning Center of Madisonville
  • Hopkins United Way of the Coalfield
  • Jackson United Way
  • Jefferson Closing the Education Gap
  • Jefferson Closing the Wealth Gap
  • Jefferson Health and Basic Needs
  • Jefferson Metro United Way
  • Jefferson United Neighborhoods
  • Jessamine American Red Cross
  • Jessamine Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Jessamine Arbor Youth Services
  • Jessamine Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Jessamine Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Jessamine Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Jessamine CASA of Lexington
  • Jessamine Child Care Council
  • Jessamine Chrysalis House
  • Jessamine Community Action Council
  • Jessamine Faith Feeds
  • Jessamine Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Jessamine Girl Scouts
  • Jessamine GreenHouse 17
  • Jessamine Hope Center
  • Jessamine Hope's Embrace
  • Jessamine Jessamine County School District
  • Jessamine Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Jessamine Jubilee Jobs
  • Jessamine Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Jessamine Mentors & Meals
  • Jessamine Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Jessamine Post Clinic
  • Jessamine Reading Camp
  • Jessamine Refuge for Women
  • Jessamine Repairers Lexington
  • Jessamine Salvation Army
  • Jessamine The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Jessamine The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Jessamine United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Jessamine Urban League
  • Jessamine Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Jessamine YMCA - Central KY
  • Johnson American Red Cross
  • Johnson Appalachian Pregnancy Care
  • Johnson Catholic Charities
  • Johnson Good Neighbors
  • Johnson Judi's Place for Kids
  • Johnson Turning Point
  • Johnson United Way of Eastern Kentucky
  • Kenton BAWAC
  • Kenton Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati
  • Kenton Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati
  • Kenton Brighton Center
  • Kenton Brighton Properties, Inc.
  • Kenton Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington
  • Kenton Children's Law Center
  • Kenton Covington Partners
  • Kenton Easterseals Redwood
  • Kenton Every Child Succeeds
  • Kenton Family Nurturing Center
  • Kenton Freestore Foodbank
  • Kenton Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services
  • Kenton Holly Hill Children's Services
  • Kenton Last Mile Food Rescue, Inc.
  • Kenton Learning Grove
  • Kenton Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Kenton Life Learning Center
  • Kenton Mental Health America
  • Kenton Northern KY Community Action Commission
  • Kenton Pro Seniors, Inc.
  • Kenton Redwood Rehabilitation
  • Kenton Safety Net Alliance of Northern Kentucky
  • Kenton The Bail Project
  • Kenton The Consortium for Resilient Young Children
  • Kenton The Ion Center for Violence Prevention
  • Kenton United Way of Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky
  • Kenton Welcome House of Northern KY
  • Knott United Way of Southeastern Kentucky
  • Knox American Red Cross, Lake Cumberland Chapter
  • Knox Bluegrass Care Navigators
  • Knox Community Effort Against Spouse Abuse (CEASE)
  • Knox Cooperative Christian Ministries (CCM)
  • Knox Cumberland Trails United Way
  • Knox Salvation Army
  • Knox Servolution
  • Knox Vets Serving Vets
  • LaRue 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • LaRue United Way Education Fund
  • LaRue United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • LaRue United Way Health Fund
  • LaRue United Way of Central Kentucky
  • Laurel Summer Feeding Program
  • Laurel United Way of Laurel County
  • Lawrence United Way 2-1-1 - Northeast Kentucky Regional
  • Lawrence United Way Basic Needs Fund
  • Lawrence United Way Education Fund
  • Lawrence United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Lawrence United Way Health Fund
  • Lawrence United Way of Northeast Kentucky
  • Lee United Way of Southeastern Kentucky
  • Leslie United Way of Southeastern Kentucky
  • Letcher United Way of Southeastern Kentucky
  • Lewis United Way
  • Lincoln Heart of Kentucky United Way
  • Lincoln United Way Education Fund
  • Lincoln United Way Health Fund
  • Lincoln United Way Income Fund
  • Livingston United Way
  • Logan Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Logan United Way 2-1-1
  • Logan United Way Education Initiatives
  • Logan United Way Health Initiatives
  • Logan United Way Income Initiatives
  • Logan United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Logan United Way Safety Net
  • Lyon United Way
  • Madison American Red Cross
  • Madison Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Madison Arbor Youth Services
  • Madison Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Madison Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Madison Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Madison CASA
  • Madison Child Care Council
  • Madison Chrysalis House
  • Madison Community Action Council
  • Madison Faith Feeds
  • Madison Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Madison Girl Scouts
  • Madison GreenHouse 17
  • Madison Hope Center
  • Madison Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Madison Jubilee Jobs
  • Madison Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Madison Mentors & Meals
  • Madison Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Madison Post Clinic
  • Madison Reading Camp
  • Madison Refuge for Women
  • Madison Repairers Lexington
  • Madison Salvation Army
  • Madison The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Madison The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Madison United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Madison Urban League
  • Madison Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Madison YMCA - Telford Community Center
  • Magoffin American Red Cross
  • Magoffin Appalachian Pregnancy Care
  • Magoffin Catholic Charities
  • Magoffin Judi's Place for Kids
  • Magoffin KY Mission Bible Training Center
  • Magoffin Rescue Squad
  • Magoffin Senior Citizens
  • Magoffin Turning Point
  • Magoffin United Way of Eastern Kentucky
  • Marion Congregate Meals
  • Marion Guthrie Opportunity Center (GO Center)
  • Marion Isaiah House
  • Marion Legal Aid Society
  • Marion Loretto Child Care Center
  • Marion Marion County Girls on the Run
  • Marion One Bridge to Hope
  • Marion Senior Companion Program
  • Marion Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery
  • Marion Springhaven Domestic Violence Program
  • Marion The Compassionate Friends of Nelson County
  • Marion Tri-County Kentucky United Way
  • Marion  CASA of the Lincoln Trail - Marion
  • Marion  Build-A-Bed Program of Community Collaboration for Children - Marion
  • Marshall United Way of Western Kentucky
  • Marshall Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center - Marshall
  • Marshall Kentucky Legal Aid - Marshall
  • Marshall Lifeline Recovery Center - Marshall
  • Marshall Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center - Marshall
  • Marshall Salvation Army - Marshall
  • Martin American Red Cross
  • Martin Appalachian Pregnancy Care
  • Martin Catholic Charities
  • Martin Judi's Place for Kids
  • Martin Turning Point
  • Martin United Way of Eastern Kentucky
  • Mason Boys & Girls Club, Tom Browning
  • Mason Buffalo Trace Children's Advocacy Center
  • Mason Cancer Fighters United/Cancer Resource Center
  • Mason The Buffalo Trace CASA Program Inc.
  • Mason Community Care of Mason County
  • Mason Comprehend, Inc.
  • Mason Family Resource & Youth Service Center
  • Mason Licking Valley Community Action
  • Mason Mason County Cooperative Extension Office
  • Mason Maysville Community & Technical College (MCTC)
  • Mason United Way of Mason County
  • Mason The Ion Center for Violence Prevention
  • Mason YMCA, Limestone
  • McCracken Child Watch Counseling & Advocacy Center
  • McCracken Family Service Society
  • McCracken Hope Unlimited Family Care Center
  • McCracken Kentucky Legal Aid
  • McCracken Lifeline Recovery Center
  • McCracken Merryman House Domestic Crisis Center
  • McCracken Oscar Cross Boys & Girls Club
  • McCracken Paducah Cooperative Ministry
  • McCracken Paducah Day Nursery
  • McCracken Paducah-McCracken County Senior Center
  • McCracken Salvation Army
  • McCracken United Way of Western Kentucky
  • McCreary United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • McLean 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • McLean Community Wide Care - McLean
  • McLean God's House of Hope Food Pantry
  • McLean Help Office
  • McLean Meals on Wheels - MC Senior Services
  • McLean United Way of the Ohio Valley
  • Meade 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Meade United Way Education Fund
  • Meade United Way Financial Stability Fund
  • Meade United Way Health Fund
  • Meade United Way of Central Kentucky
  • Menifee United Way
  • Mercer Heart of Kentucky United Way
  • Mercer United Way Education Fund
  • Mercer United Way Health Fund
  • Mercer United Way Income Fund
  • Metcalfe Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Metcalfe United Way 2-1-1
  • Metcalfe United Way Education Initiatives
  • Metcalfe United Way Health Initiatives
  • Metcalfe United Way Income Initiatives
  • Metcalfe United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Metcalfe United Way Safety Net
  • Monroe Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Monroe United Way 2-1-1
  • Monroe United Way Education Initiatives
  • Monroe United Way Health Initiatives
  • Monroe United Way Income Initiatives
  • Monroe United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Monroe United Way Safety Net
  • Montgomery 4-H Council
  • Montgomery American Red Cross
  • Montgomery Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Montgomery Arbor Youth Services
  • Montgomery Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Montgomery Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Montgomery Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Montgomery Child Care Council
  • Montgomery Chrysalis House
  • Montgomery Community Action Council
  • Montgomery D.O.V.E.S. of Gateway, Inc.
  • Montgomery DuBois Community Center
  • Montgomery Faith Feeds
  • Montgomery Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Montgomery Girl Scouts
  • Montgomery GreenHouse 17
  • Montgomery Hope Center
  • Montgomery Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Montgomery Jubilee Jobs
  • Montgomery Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Montgomery Mentors & Meals
  • Montgomery NewSong Counseling Center, Inc.
  • Montgomery Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Montgomery Post Clinic
  • Montgomery Reading Camp
  • Montgomery Refuge for Women
  • Montgomery Repairers Lexington
  • Montgomery Salvation Army
  • Montgomery The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Montgomery The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Montgomery United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Montgomery Urban League
  • Montgomery Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Montgomery YMCA - Central KY
  • Morgan United Way
  • Muhlenberg American Red Cross
  • Muhlenberg ARCH Community Health Coalition
  • Muhlenberg CASA of Midwest Kentucky
  • Muhlenberg Hope 2 All Food Banks
  • Muhlenberg Muhlenberg County Opportunity Center
  • Muhlenberg PACS Home Delivered Meals
  • Muhlenberg Pennyroyal Trace Industries
  • Muhlenberg Salvation Army
  • Muhlenberg The Learning Center of Madisonville
  • Muhlenberg United Way of the Coalfield
  • Nelson Bardstown Participation Station
  • Nelson Bethany Haven
  • Nelson Big Brothers, Big Sisters
  • Nelson Bread for Life Food Pantry
  • Nelson Community Services / Community Action Programs
  • Nelson Congregate Meals
  • Nelson Guthrie Opportunity Center (GO Center)
  • Nelson Isaiah House
  • Nelson Legal Aid Society
  • Nelson Loretto Child Care Center
  • Nelson Neighborly Family Resource Center
  • Nelson CASA of the Lincoln Trail
  • Nelson Nelson County Backpack Program
  • Nelson Nelson County Community Clinic
  • Nelson Ngagement Family Resource and Youth Services Center
  • Nelson Nmagination Family Resource and Youth Services Center
  • Nelson Npowerment Family Resource and Youth Services Center
  • Nelson Nspiration Youth Services Center
  • Nelson One Bridge to Hope
  • Nelson RSVP (Retired & Senior Volunteer Program)
  • Nelson Senior Companion Program
  • Nelson Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery
  • Nelson Springhaven Domestic Violence Program
  • Nelson St. Vincent De Paul Bread For Life Food Pantry
  • Nelson The Compassionate Friends of Nelson County
  • Nelson Tri-County Kentucky United Way
  • Nelson Build-A-Bed Program of Community Collaboration for Children - Nelson
  • Nicholas United Way
  • Ohio 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Ohio 4-H Council
  • Ohio Boulware Mission
  • Ohio Building Stronger Families
  • Ohio Community Wide Care - Ohio
  • Ohio Food Pantry
  • Ohio Hospice
  • Ohio Meals on Wheels - OC Senior Services
  • Ohio New Beginnings - Sexual Assault Support Services
  • Ohio Owensboro Area Shelter & Information Services (O.A.S.I.S.)
  • Ohio St. Benedict's Homeless Shelter
  • Ohio United Way of the Ohio Valley
  • Oldham Closing the Education Gap
  • Oldham Closing the Wealth Gap
  • Oldham Health and Basic Needs
  • Oldham Metro United Way
  • Oldham United Neighborhoods
  • Owen United Way
  • Owsley United Way of Southeastern Kentucky
  • Pendleton United Way
  • Perry United Way of Southeastern Kentucky
  • Pike American Red Cross
  • Pike Appalachian Pregnancy Care
  • Pike Catholic Charities
  • Pike Helping Hands of Phelps
  • Pike Judi's Place for Kids
  • Pike Turning Point
  • Pike United Way of Eastern Kentucky
  • Powell United Way
  • Pulaski United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Robertson United Way
  • Rockcastle United Way
  • Rowan United Way
  • Russell United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Scott Amen House
  • Scott American Red Cross
  • Scott Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Scott Arbor Youth Services
  • Scott Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Scott Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Scott Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Scott CASA of Lexington
  • Scott Child Care Council
  • Scott Chrysalis House
  • Scott Community Action Council
  • Scott Elizabeth's Village
  • Scott Faith Feeds
  • Scott Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Scott Gathering Place Mission
  • Scott Girl Scouts
  • Scott GreenHouse 17
  • Scott Hope Center
  • Scott Immigrant Initiative
  • Scott Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Scott Jubilee Jobs
  • Scott Kaden's Cause
  • Scott Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Scott Mentors & Meals
  • Scott Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Scott Post Clinic
  • Scott Reading Camp
  • Scott Refuge for Women
  • Scott Repairers Lexington
  • Scott Salvation Army
  • Scott The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Scott The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Scott United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Scott Urban League
  • Scott Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Scott YMCA - Central KY
  • Shelby Closing the Education Gap
  • Shelby Closing the Wealth Gap
  • Shelby Health and Basic Needs
  • Shelby Metro United Way
  • Shelby United Neighborhoods
  • Simpson United Way 2-1-1
  • Simpson United Way Education Initiatives
  • Simpson United Way Health Initiatives
  • Simpson United Way Income Initiatives
  • Simpson United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Simpson United Way Safety Net
  • Taylor United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Todd Dyslexia Association
  • Todd Legal Aid
  • Todd Meals on Wheels
  • Todd Pennyrile Children's Advocacy Center
  • Todd Salvation Army
  • Todd Sanctuary
  • Todd Trace Industries
  • Todd United Way of the Pennyrile
  • Todd YMCA, Armed Services
  • Todd PACS/Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Senior Citizens Cent
  • Todd St. Luke Free Clinic
  • Todd American Red Cross
  • Trigg American Red Cross
  • Trigg Dyslexia Association
  • Trigg Legal Aid
  • Trigg Meals on Wheels
  • Trigg PACS/Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Senior Citizens Cent
  • Trigg Pennyrile Children's Advocacy Center
  • Trigg Salvation Army
  • Trigg Sanctuary
  • Trigg St. Luke Free Clinic
  • Trigg Trace Industries
  • Trigg United Way of the Pennyrile
  • Trigg YMCA, Armed Services
  • Trimble United Way
  • Union 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Union Building Stronger Families
  • Union Chastity Gibson Memorial Trust
  • Union Community Wide Care - Union
  • Union Family Resource Youth Services Center
  • Union Habitat for Humanity
  • Union Happy Pack, Inc.
  • Union Imagination Library
  • Union Meals on Wheels - UC Senior Services
  • Union Owensboro Area Shelter & Information Services (O.A.S.I.S.)
  • Union Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
  • Union Senior Companion Program
  • Union United Way of the Ohio Valley
  • Union YMCA
  • Warren Dolly Parton Imagination Library
  • Warren United Way 2-1-1
  • Warren United Way Education Initiatives
  • Warren United Way Health Initiatives
  • Warren United Way Income Initiatives
  • Warren United Way of Southern Kentucky
  • Warren United Way Safety Net
  • Washington Congregate Meals
  • Washington Feeding America Kentucky Heartland Back Pack Program
  • Washington Guthrie Opportunity Center (GO Center)
  • Washington Isaiah House
  • Washington Legal Aid Society
  • Washington Loretto Child Care Center
  • Washington One Bridge to Hope
  • Washington Senior Companion Program
  • Washington Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery
  • Washington Springhaven Domestic Violence Program
  • Washington The Compassionate Friends of Nelson County
  • Washington Tri-County Kentucky United Way
  • Washington Build-A-Bed Program of Community Collaboration for Children - Washington
  • Washington CASA of the Lincoln Trail - Washington
  • Washington Community Services / Community Action Programs
  • Wayne United Way of South Central Kentucky
  • Webster 2-1-1 Information and Referral
  • Webster Building Stronger Families
  • Webster Community Wide Care - Webster
  • Webster Meals on Wheels - WC Senior Services
  • Webster Owensboro Area Shelter & Information Services (O.A.S.I.S.)
  • Webster Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
  • Webster St. Anthony's Hospice
  • Webster United Way of the Ohio Valley
  • Whitley American Red Cross, Lake Cumberland Chapter
  • Whitley Community Effort Against Spouse Abuse (CEASE)
  • Whitley Cooperative Christian Ministries (CCM)
  • Whitley Cumberland Trails United Way
  • Whitley Hospice of the Bluegrass, Mountain Heritage
  • Whitley Life Adventure Center
  • Whitley Salvation Army
  • Whitley Senior Citizens of Whitley County
  • Whitley Vets Serving Vets
  • Wolfe United Way of Southeastern Kentucky
  • Woodford 4-H Council
  • Woodford American Red Cross
  • Woodford Apprisen: Consumer Credit Counseling Services
  • Woodford Arbor Youth Services
  • Woodford Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
  • Woodford Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
  • Woodford Bluegrass Council of the Blind
  • Woodford CASA of Lexington
  • Woodford Child Care Council
  • Woodford Chrysalis House
  • Woodford Community Action Council
  • Woodford Faith Feeds
  • Woodford Food Pantry of Woodford County
  • Woodford Foothills Community Action Partnership
  • Woodford Girl Scouts
  • Woodford GreenHouse 17
  • Woodford Growing Together Pre-school
  • Woodford Hope Center
  • Woodford Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates, Inc.
  • Woodford Jubilee Jobs
  • Woodford Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
  • Woodford Mentors & Meals
  • Woodford Office of KY Legal Services Programs dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
  • Woodford Post Clinic
  • Woodford Reading Camp
  • Woodford Refuge for Women
  • Woodford Repairers Lexington
  • Woodford Salvation Army
  • Woodford The Hearing & Speech Center
  • Woodford The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
  • Woodford United Way of the Bluegrass
  • Woodford Urban League
  • Woodford Visually Impaired Preschool Services (VIPS)
  • Woodford Woman's Club Coats & Shoes for Kids
  • Woodford YMCA - Central KY

United Way of the Bluegrass
100 Midland Avenue, Suite 300, Lexington, Kentucky 40508
(859) 233-4460 • www.uwbg.org
Serving: Anderson, Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Franklin, Jessamine, Madison, Montgomery, Scott & Woodford Counties
EIN: 61-0444679 - Fighting for basic needs, financial stability and education for every person, in every community across Central Kentucky.

Franklin County Programs

ACCESS Soup Kitchen and Men's Shelter
EIN: 61-1080388  -  Provides at least one hot meal each weekday to low-income and disadvantaged individuals/families.  Provides a temporary emergency shelter seven nights each week to the homeless.  

American Red Cross - Kentucky Region
EIN: 53-0196605  -  The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.  

Blue Grass Community Action Partnership, Inc.
EIN: 61-0659583  -  BGCAP administers a variety of programs to assist those in poverty to be self-sufficient.  Visit www.bluegrasscommunityaction.org to see what services are offered in your community.  

Blue Grass Council Boy Scouts
EIN: 61-0444653  -  Provides scouting to 55 counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky and provides youth with opportunities to try new things, build self-confidence, and learn ethical values.  

CASA of the Bluegrass
EIN: 61-1352752  -  CASA advances the best interests of abused and neglected children in the court system through the training and support volunteers who provide advocacy.  

Emergency Community Food Pantry of Franklin County, Inc.
EIN: 31-1047022  -  The Food Pantry provides food to nearly 10,000 Franklin County residents who need help. All support is provided by donations of time, money or food.  

Frankfort YMCA
EIN: 61-0562021  -  Frankfort YMCA is strengthening the community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.  

Capital City Activity Center
EIN: 61-6041002  -  Provides hot, home-cooked home-delivered and congregate meals: Programs: Education, exercise, daily activities. Outreach:  Transportation to/from doctor appointments, grocery shoping, etc.  

Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road Council
EIN: 61-0608104  -  Provides personal and leadership development programs to  8,000 K-12 girls in 66 counties in Kentucky. Our focus areas are STEM, entrepreneurship, life skills and outdoor.  

The Kings Center
EIN: 61-1368334  -  The Kings Center supports at-risk children, addressing their physical, emotional, academic, and spiritual needs by being a caring presence in the community.  

Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
EIN: 61-0668572  -  Provides civil legal assistance (government benefits, consumer, housing, elder and family law) in 33 Kentucky counties to low-income individuals, the elderly and vulnerable people.  

Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass, Inc.
EIN: 61-0996520  -  The mission of the Nursing Home Ombudsman Agency of the Bluegrass is to improve the quality of care for residents of long-term care facilities.  

The Salvation Army
EIN: 58-0660607  -  The Salvation Army helps low-income families who lose their utilities, need medical assistance, and/or need food.  

SIMON House, Inc.
EIN: 61-1118813  -  Offers emergency shelter, rapid re-housing, homeless prevention and community connection program.  Programming is designed to assist homeless or families at-risk of homelessness reach self-sufficiency.  

South Frankfort Community Center
EIN: 61-1015417  -  Provides supervised recreational activities, to broaden the experiences of youth through education and cultural diversity, and provide cultural enrichment activities while improving our community.  

Sunshine Center
EIN: 61-1018115  -  Dedicated to healing victims of abuse and neglect through education, counseling, visitation, awareness and crisis intervention while providing a safe, neutral, and nurturing environment.  

Thorn Hill Education Center
EIN: 61-1599003  -  Thorn Hill Education Center provides free comprehensive adult education services to community members.  Students are able to gain skills to obtain meaningful employment.


United Way of the Bluegrass Non-Franklin County Programs

Amen House
EIN: 61-1236411 - AMEN House provides basic needs to low-income households within Scott County.

American Red Cross, Bluegrass Chapter
EIN: 61-0444644 - The American Red Cross provides relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Anderson Community Education
EIN: 61-6001308 - Free individualized instruction to undereducated adults 16 years and older, to improve their reading, writing, English, computing, problem-solving, and function in the workplace, family, and society.

Apprisen (formerly Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Midwest Inc)
EIN: 31-0731111 - Since 1955, has helped people establish financial stability focusing on money management concepts of budgeting, saving, wise use of credit, & debt management.

Arbor Youth Services formerly M.A.S.H.
EIN: 61-0926861 - Provides the basic needs of homeless or runaway children/youth, those who have been abused or neglected, and those unsafe/unable to reside in their family’s home.

The Beacon of Hope Emergency Shelter, Inc.
EIN: 47-2374897 - Provides safe shelter, food, and resources towards self-sufficiency for homeless members of our community and surrounding counties. We believe that all people deserve basic necessities of life, and we have been called to this purpose.

Bluegrass Community & Technical College Foundation
EIN: 76-0826082 - To support the mission of the Bluegrass Community and Technical College by stimulating voluntary financial support. The College's mission is to transform the Bluegrass - one student at a time, one employer at a time, one community at a time.

Bluegrass Community Action Partnership
EIN: 61-0659583 - Operates 7 Senior Citizen Centers, 6 Head Start/Daycare Centers, Bluegrass Ultra-Transit (BUS), the Weatherization Program, the Senior Companion and Senior Community Services Employment Programs (SCSEP).

Bluegrass Council of the Blind, Inc.
EIN: 61-0971827 - A nonprofit agency providing, without discrimination, a program of education and support to blind and visually impaired adults, their families, friends, caregivers and guardians.

Bourbon County 4-H Council
Provides youth opportunities to learn skills, gain knowledge, have fun, and make contributions in environmental education, community-service, and youth issues. Opportunities for parents/educators to engage.

Camargo-Jeffersonville Senior Citizens
EIN: 31-0996182 - Southern Montgomery County nutrition-site provides a meeting place for dining, socializing, recreation and visits to seniors. Transportation for shopping, doctor visits, pharmacies, homebound meals.

CASA of Madison County
EIN: 61-1314979 - Provides trained and supervised volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children. Judicially assigned volunteers work on behalf of these children for their best interest.

CASA of Lexington
EIN: 26-1841458 - Provides trained and supervised volunteers to advocate for abused and neglected children. Judicially assigned volunteers work on behalf of these children for their best interest.

Child Care Council of Kentucky, Inc.
EIN: 31-1102545 - Addresses child-care needs in the Bluegrass Area Development District. Manages programs that help parents find and pay for child-care. Trains 10,000+ providers annually.

Chrysalis House
EIN: 61-1012290 - Offers quality and high performing child-care focused on academic achievement. Provides licensed, STARS-rated extended day and summer child-care to children of mothers in substance-abuse treatment.

Clark County Association for Handicapped Citizens (Stride, Inc.)
EIN: 61-0670763 - Promotes the general welfare of individuals with disabilities. We offer programs, therapy, and one-on-one skills training, regardless of ability to pay.

Clark County Community Services, Inc.
EIN: 31-1005844 - Provides assistance to families when they experience crisis. Food security/homeless prevention are primary goals. Food pantry/clothing bank open six days a week. Rent/utility assistance.

Clark County Homeless Coalition
EIN: 27-1281819 - CCHC operates Wainscott Hall, a transitional living homeless shelter in Clark County.

The Cleveland Home dba Life Adventure Center of the Bluegrass
EIN: 61-0461733 - Camps promote determination, goal-setting, experiential learning, and courage. These traits serve students well in traditional classrooms, serve as a reliable indicator of future success.

Community Action Council
EIN: 61-0650121 - The Council addresses poverty in Central Kentucky through service delivery, community involvement, and advocacy.

D.O.V.E.S. of Gateway, Inc.
EIN: 61-1234891 - Provides support and information in a way that allows victims to take control of their lives. DOVES commitment to victims of domestic violence in not limited to families staying in shelter. They also have a variety of outreach services for individuals who need assistance, but not necessarily the shelter.

DuBois Community Center
EIN: 31-1138891 - The Center offers student readiness, mentoring, and tutoring programs for disadvantaged, at-risk youth in Montgomery County.

Elizabeth's Village
EIN: 45-5610177 - Mission is to provide transitional housing with education, support services and community partnerships for women and women with children in Scott County.

Faith Feeds of Kentucky, Inc. dba GleanKY
EIN: 27-4087963 - Collects edible produce that would otherwise go to waste and provides it to people struggling with hunger through emergency food agencies, hunger ministries, neighborhood ambassadors.

Fayette County Public Schools
EIN: 61-6001059 - The school district not only serves more than 40,000 students in Fayette County, but also operates United Way-supported programs such as First 5 Lex, which focuses on school readiness for children under 5.

Food Pantry for Woodford County, Inc. (FPWC)
EIN: 47-4731398 - Provides for the emergency food needs of residents of Woodford County.

Gathering Place Mission
EIN: 61-1475009 - The Gathering Place Mission provides the only men’s homeless shelter in Scott County. In addition to the men’s shelter, they also serve as a community kitchen, through our Emmaus Kitchen, to those in the community who otherwise might not have a hot meal.

Girl Scouts of Kentucky's Wilderness Road Council
EIN: 61-0608104 - Builds girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. The preeminent leadership development organization for girls.

God's Outreach Madison County Food Bank
EIN: 050593895 - Provide supplemental & emergency food to approximately 1600 families.

GreenHouse17 (formerly Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program)
EIN: 20-1965942 - Provides free 24-Hour crisis intervention, emergency shelter, individual/group counseling, case management, legal advocacy, children's services, and financial literacy to residential/non-residential victims of domestic violence.

The Hearing & Speech Center
EIN: 61-0593951 - Teaches children with hearing, speech and language impairments to listen and talk by providing them with high quality therapeutic, educational and family support services.

Hope Center, Inc.
EIN: 61-1107296 - The Hope Center began as a male-only homeless shelter. Currently provides programs addressing the root causes of homelessness for men, women, and the Detention Center.

Immigrant Initiative
EIN:  20-5383655 - Our mission is to support the development and well-being of the immigrant communities in Scott County, Kentucky and surrounding counties, through educational, health, economic and cultural initiatives.

Jessamine County Adult EducationEIN: 61-6001337 - Offers classes for students taking the GED. Whether enrolling in college, entering a training/technical program, or meeting work-related/personal goals, the time to start is now.

Jessamine County Schools
EIN: 61-6001337 - Jessamine County Schools exists to motivate and challenge every child every day to be a caring, responsible citizen, and a high-level thinker, performer, communicator, and learner for life.

Jubilee Jobs of Lexington
EIN: 27-1058855 - Jubilee Jobs of Lexington specializes in finding entry-level jobs for the unemployed and underemployed.

Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Inc.
EIN: 61-0650246 - Foothills Community Action Partnership has the mission of developing community resources so that people can lead their lives with dignity, responsibility, and opportunity.

Legal Aid of the Bluegrass
EIN: 610668572 - To resolve the most important problems of low income and other vulnerable people by providing high quality legal assistance through direct representation, education, advice, advocacy and coordination with other community resources.

Lexington Woman's Club Clothing Center
LWC gives new school clothing to approximately 1080 "at risk" children in Fayette County Public Schools.

Mentors & Meals
EIN: 61-1264370 - Mentors & Meals enhances academic achievement through peer mentoring.

Mission Lexington
EIN: 20-2824933 - The downtown lifeline transforming lives by promoting health and healing in a Christ-like manner. "Safety-net free" clinic located in Lexington.

Montgomery County 4-H Council
EIN: 04-3727893 - Provides youth opportunities to learn skills, gain knowledge, have fun, and make contributions in environmental education, community-service, and youth issues. 0%

Montgomery County Education Foundation
EIN: 61-1116929 - Supports the public schools in Montgomery County, KY.

The Nest - Center for Women, Children and Families
EIN: 31-0904247 - Provides a safe, accessible, and healing environment for children, while developing the strength and self-sufficiency of women and families through education, support, counseling, and advocacy.

NewSong Counseling Center, Inc.
EIN: 46-5120174 - To provide affordable, professional counseling services with intentions to empower, nurture and educate individuals, couples and groups.

Office of Kentucky Legal Services Programs Dba Kentucky Equal Justice Center
EIN: 61-0909545 - Ensures equal access to justice and opportunity. Through Maxwell Street Legal Clinic in Lexington we help our newest neighbors navigate the process of legal immigration including the wonderful step of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Paris-Bourbon County YMCA
EIN: 61-0676727 - For Healthy Living, For Youth Development, For Social Responsibility

Post Clinic, Inc.
EIN: 31-1515325 - The post clinic provides primary medical care to persons in a four county area that are without health insurance including Medicare and Medicaid.

Reading Camp
EIN: 61-0536772 - Reading Camp provides 3rd-5th graders reading below grade level with non-traditional educational opportunities that empower them to achieve academic success.

Red Oak Elementary
EIN: 61-6001337 - Red Oak Elementary enriches the lives of students by providing the opportunity to learn, perform and understand winter guard as a performing art and competitive ensemble.

Refuge for Women
EIN: 26-4388243 - Refuge for Women is a national Christian organization providing a residential healing and recovery program for survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation to receive safe housing, counseling, life and work skills development.

Repairers Lexington
EIN: 61-1281620 - Exists to combat the negative effects of poverty by providing direct social services and opportunities for substantial and lasting improvement in client quality of life.

Rowland Arts Center
EIN: 81-5011439 - “The Rowland Arts Center” (RAC) at The Cairn provides the middle-school and high-school age students in our community with a safe, positive environment that they can truly call their own.

The Salvation Army
EIN: 13-5562351 - The Salvation Army-Central Kentucky Area Services has been caring for the poorest of the poor in Fayette and Jessamine counties for over a century.

Telford Community Center YMCA
EIN: 61-6000619 - Community-based, volunteer-led group building strong kids, families, and communities. Solving neighborhood problems and meeting community needs, building healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Urban League of Lexington-Fayette County
EIN: 61-6054655 - The Urban League is the nation’s oldest and largest community-based movement devoted to empowering all citizens to enter the economic and social mainstream.

Woodford County 4-H Council
EIN: 61-1040849 - Provides opportunities that help meet the development needs of youth from ages 5-19. The program also provides an opportunity for adult volunteers to share skills.

Woodford County Reading Club
EIN: 61-0536772 - Woodford County Reading Club is a year-round literacy program for 4th and 5th grade students from the elementary schools in Woodford County, Kentucky.

Woodford County Woman's Club "Coats and Shoes for Kids"
EIN: 61-1035902 - Provides a winter coat, shoes, and three pairs of socks to the needy school children enrolled in Woodford County Schools grades kindergarten thru

Woodford County Theatrical Arts
EIN: 61-1143572 - Provides educational opportunities to people of all ages, and maintaining a sound business structure which is fiscally responsible.

YMCA of Central Kentucky
EIN: 610444842 - Provides licensed school-age child-care, summer camps, sports leagues and instruction, aquatic programs, martial arts, dance instruction, literacy programs, teen leadership, career development and mentoring.


United Way of Central Kentucky
604 North Main Street, Elizabethtown, KY 42701
(270) 737-6608 • www.unitedwayck.org
Serving: Breckinridge, Hardin, Grayson, LaRue & Meade Counties
EIN: 61-1397560  -  UWCK solves community problems so that everyone in Hardin, Breckinridge, Grayson, LaRue, and Meade Counties can achieve their fullest potential and become self-sufficient.  

United Way 2-1-1
EIN: 61-1397560  -  Provides Central Kentucky region with free, confidential referrals to community resources through a 24/7 information hotline. Reports data on local needs back to community.  

United Way - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance    
EIN: 61-1397560  -  Offers free tax help to low income, working families who need assistance in preparing their own tax returns.    

United Way of the Coalfield
US Bank Building, 1 South Main Street, Second Floor, Madisonville, KY 42431
(270) 821-3170 • www.unitedwayofthecoalfield.org
Serving: Hopkins & Muhlenberg Counties
EIN: 61-0732633  -  Focuses on meeting basic needs and providing a safety net, as well as increasing self-sufficiency, nurturing youth, promoting health & wellness, and strengthening families.  

EIN: 81-3869026  -  Helping abused and neglected children have safe permanent homes as soon as possible through the use of volunteer child advocates.  

Hope2All Food Banks
EIN: 20-8274332  -  Combats hunger with operation of two food pantries, and provides support for individuals with addictions and other life-controlling issues.  

Hopkins County 4-H Council, Inc.
EIN: 61-6033483  -  Promotes Leadership, Citizenship and Life Skills in children and teens through hands-on activities, programs and learning opportunities.  

Hopkins County Family YMCA
EIN: 61-0904719  -  Provides high quality pre-school and before/after school and summer child care programs which focus on social, emotional, and cognitive development.  

The Learning Center of Madisonville
EIN: 81-1812275  -  Assists students wishing to improve reading and math literacy, as well as students struggling with Dyslexia/Dyscalculia, in addition to English Language Learning Program for all ages.  

Muhlenberg County Opportunity Center
EIN: 61-0665523  -  Provides vocational evaluation and training (including transportation and work services programs) for adults who face mental and physical challenges.  

Pennyroyal Trace Industries
EIN: 61-0662739  -  Rehabilitation program that provides employment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental illness, and substance abuse addictions.  

Sanctuary, Inc.
EIN: 31-1070541  -  Shelter, counseling and advocacy for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as educational programs for school-age through adults.  

The Salvation Army
EIN: 58-0660607  -  Emergency assistance for individuals and families in need of food, shelter, utilities, including a daily soup kitchen.  

Cumberland Trails United Way
P. O. Box 2092, Middlesboro, KY 40965
(606) 248-5603 • www.ctuw.org
Serving: Bell, Harlan, Knox & Whitley Counties, KY
EIN: 61-0305840  -  Funding assistance supporting Food Banks, Abuse Shelters, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Immediate Disasters, Drug Rehab Centers, Pregnancy Centers, and Literacy Groups across four Kentucky counties.  

American Red Cross: Lake Cumberland Chapter
EIN: 53-0196605  -  The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.      

Bluegrass Care Navigators
EIN: 61-0978097  -  Provides quality end of life care to the residents including food, cleaning/bathing supplies, paper products, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, and realtor locks.  

Cooperative Christian Ministries
EIN: 61-0957969  -  Serving the area with clothing, food pantry, emergency housing and utility bills.  

Salvation Army
EIN: 58-0660607  -  Provides character building and spiritual programs and services for all ages, soup kitchen, food boxes, clothing vouchers, furniture vouchers, and social service referral help.  

Senior Citizens Bell County
EIN: 61-0860111  -  Assists elderly individuals in remaining healthy and active in order for them to continue to live in their own surroundings and avoid being institutionalized.  

Servolution Health Services, Inc.
EIN: 45-4486454  -  Free medical/dental care for the uninsured who meet income guidelines. Patients also have access to Path to Peace Wellness Center and SHS Food Pantry.  

Sr. Citizens Home Assistance (SCHAS)
EIN: 62-0809589  -  Provides light housekeeping services including laundry, dishes, mopping, and dusting, and personal care including bathing, toileting, and dressing for frail, elderly and disabled persons.  

Vets Serving Vets
EIN: 46-5099102  -  Assists veterans, their spouses and depe
ndents with transportation to and from medical appointments, construction of physical facilities to assist disabled veterans and other services.


United Way of Eastern Kentucky
P. O. Box 1446, Prestonsburg, KY 41653
Serving: Floyd, Johnson, Magoffin, Martin & Pike Counties
EIN: 61-1109256  -  Fundraising for local charitable and public services providing vital basic needs services.  Serving Pike, Floyd, Johnson, Martin, and Magoffin Counties.

American Red Cross
Emergency Services relative to Natural Disasters and Medical education to volunteers.

Appalachian Pregnancy Care
Assistance to women in crisis and guidance on completing education.

Catholic Charities
Counseling on marriage, drugs and family crisis.

Floyd County 4-H
Supporting youth development and independence while promoting agricultural education.

Floyd County Rescue Squad
Emergency Response such as vehicular accidents, water rescue, search and rescue, swift water rescue training, disaster relief and emergency shelter.

Happy House Adult Day Care
Adult day care services, including health care.

Helping Hands of Phelps
Food, assisted living aids, home repair and other poverty relief aid.

Judi’s Place for Kids
Assistance to children and families confronted with child sexual abuse.

Magoffin County Rescue Squad
Emergency response such as vehicular accidents, water rescue, and search and rescue.

Magoffin County Senior Citizens Center
Hot meals and socialization to elderly adults, as well as a meals-on-wheels program.

Prestonsburg Senior Citizens Center
Hot meals and socialization to elderly adults, as well as a meals-on-wheels programs.

Salvation Army
Emergency assistance as well as food to low-income families.

St. Vincent’s Mission
Program supported is a low-income housing accessibility repair program.

Turning Point
Shelter, education, and advocacy for domestic violence victims & their dependent children.


Heart of Kentucky United Way
118 North Third Street, Danville, KY 40422
(859) 238-6986 • www.hkuw.org
Serving: Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln & Mercer Counties
EIN: 23-7166092  -  Provides funding, oversight, resources to 18 Agencies and 26 programs. Focus on Early Childhood Education, College/Career Ready, Financial Stability, and Health of Families and Seniors.  


United Way of Henderson County
123 First Street, Suite 100, Henderson, KY 42420
(270) 826-2107 • www.uwofhc.org
Serving: Henderson County
EIN: 61-0444700  -  Partners with local nonprofits, businesses, government and social service agencies to address our community's most pressing needs  

Audubon Area Community Services, Inc. / Foster Grandparent Program
EIN: 23-7364935  -  Train senior volunteers to provide one-on-one assistance with children and others.  

Audubon Area Community Services, Inc. / Senior Companion Program
EIN: 23-7364935  -  Recruit and train eligible seniors to volunteer to provide assistance to senior adults by helping them with light housekeeping, laundry, meals, and companionship.  

Barrett Center Inc., / Certified Nursing Assistance Program
EIN: 38-3688383  -  Provide skilled training and advanced education opportunities for parents/residents of Henderson Housing Authority and Section 8 public housing.

Barrett Center Inc./Welding Program
EIN: 38-3688383  -  To provide skilled training and certification to better equip them for job placement.  To help facilitate increased financial security for families and individuals, and our community.

CATS Program - Community and Technology Center Youth Program
EIN: Please call the number above for more information  -  Assists socio-economically disadvantaged youth in reaching their highest academic, social and personal potential.

Cliff Hagan Boys & Girls Club
EIN: Please call the number above for more information  -  Our club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls 6-18 yrs of age by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.

Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
EIN: 35-1087526  -  Providing physical and occupational therapies, speech and hearing, nursery and kindergarten programs for children with mental and physical disabilities.  

Henderson Christian Community Outreach, Inc.
EIN: 61-1109652  -  Provide emergency assistance with food, rent, utilities, prescriptions and gasoline.  

Henderson County Senior Citizens, Inc. dba The Gathering Place of Henderson
EIN: 61-0675664  -  A community center offering recreational, social, and personal programs for seniors 50 and over.  

Hugh Edward Sandefur Center
EIN: Please call the number above for more information  -  The mission of the Hugh Edward Sandefur Training Center is to lead individuals in developing their selfworth and independence  through quality training and rehabilitative services.

Involvement Inc.
EIN: 31-0950287  -  Alternative opportunities for youth and adult offenders helping to meet the requirements of the judicial system in lieu of fines and incarceration.

Kyndle Education Foundation, Inc./Imagination Library
EIN: 20-3030575  -  Free age appropriate books from birth to 5 years of age to help boost Early Childhood Development.

New Beginnings
EIN: 61-1142453  -  Providing counseling to victims and families of sexual assault, 24-hour crisis line telephone counseling, medical and legal advocacy, free of charge.

Owensboro Area Shelter, Information and Services, Inc. / Spouse Abuse Shelter
EIN: 61-0995748  -  Providing safe and secure shelter for women who are victims of domestic violence and their children.  

Riverview School, Inc.
EIN: 61-0603004  -  Providing stimulating, structured learning environment for pre-school children with special needs helping them discover their own self-worth/independence aiding in preparation for public school entry.

The Salvation Army
EIN: 58-0660607  -  Serving the needy with counseling and guidance providing youth recreation, daily meals, emergency food, utility assistance, clothing and other survival items.

Shelter for Women & Children, Inc. - Father Bradley
EIN: 61-1335313  -  Providing temporary housing for women and children seeking help, resources, and education promoting self-sufficiency.

St. Anthony Hospice Inc.
EIN: 31-1010566  -  Assist terminally ill patients and their families with in-home skilled nursing; family support services, nutritional consultation, coordination of community resources, pastoral consultation and bereavement counseling.  

Volunteer & Information Center, Inc.
EIN: 62-1436387  -  Engage and encourage volunteerism in the community with programs such as Bank-On, VITA, Build-A-Bed, Clothe-A-Kid, and Christmas Adopt-a-Family.

United Way of Laurel County
610 Sublimity School Road, London, KY 40743
(606) 330-0702
Serving: Laurel County
EIN: 61-1240648  -  United Way of Laurel County administers the Summer Feeding Program which fed over 16,000 meals when school was out.  Provides financial sponsorship to 12 agencies and 10 additional programs serving Laurel County.  

United Way Summer Feeding Program    
EIN: 61-1240648  -  United Way provides over 20,000 meals annually to eradicate out-of-school time hunger in Laurel County, meeting a critical need for low-income students and their families.  


United Way of Mason County
P. O. Box 327, Maysville, KY 41056
(606) 564-7522
Serving: Mason County
EIN: 23-7213927  -  We work with businesses, agencies, and individuals to create solutions that strengthen the cornerstones for a good quality of life: education, financial stability and health.  

Cancer Fighters United Cancer Resource Center Inc.
EIN: 45-4480212  -  We provide resources including support groups, literature, wigs, scarves, prosthetics, care bags, meals, transportation assistance and lodging for cancer patients in Mason and surrounding counties.  

Licking Valley Community Action Program, Inc.
EIN: 61-0660543  -  Congregate meals are provided to elderly residents at centrally located locations in the Buffalo Trace area. Home-delivered meals are provided to eligible home-bound elderly people.  

Limestone Family YMCA
EIN: 61-1080836  -  We offer programs for all ages, providing diverse opportunities to pursue health and well-being to individuals and groups, including daycare, sports, and fitness classes.    

Limestone Ministries, Inc. D.B.A. Community Care of Mason County
EIN: 26-3636577  -  We provide short-term emergency sheltering, utility assistance, and the county’s only daily food bank, which provides fresh food as well as diapers and hygiene products.  

Mason County Adult Education (Maysville Comm. & Technical College)
EIN: 61-1320380  -  Our mission is to prepare students to succeed in our economy by delivering a world class education to adults looking for employability soft skills    

Mason County Cooperative Extension Office
EIN: 61-1225209 - The extension service provides practical education to help people, businesses, and communities solve problems and build skills.  

Mason County Family Resource Center & Youth Services Center
EIN: 61-6001323  -  We provide services to students and families that increase opportunities for success in school, including early learning, academic achievement, and successful transition into adult life.  

Tom Browning Boys' & Girls' Club
EIN: 61-0474747  -  We are a youth development organization dedicated to promoting social, educational, vocational, and leadership development through tutoring, sports activities, and other youth programs.  

Women's Crisis Center, Inc.
EIN: 61-0908752  -  WCC provides services domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, including counseling, legal advocacy, shelter, medical advocacy, and 24-hour crisis hotline.  We also provide prevention education.