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Supporting Cancer Survivors  

  • Helped more than 442 women manage appearance-related side effects of treatment.
  • Provided more than 2,000 special kits of tailored information and resources for newly diagnosed patients.
  • Provided 736 wigs to cancer patients.
  • Thousands of patients, survivors, and caregivers use our online Cancer Survivors Network.

Finding Cancer’s Causes and Cures

  • The American Cancer Society is currently funding 13 grants to five institutions and universities in Kentucky totaling more than $7.2 million.
  • The American Cancer Society has invested more than $4.6 billion in research and has given grant funding support to 47 individuals who went on to win the Nobel Prize.  

Providing Leadership and Education for the Health Care Community

  • Our cancer screening guidelines go through a rigorous, evidence-based review to help patients and their health care providers make the best choices to screen for cancer.
  • Our prevention guidelines help people reduce their risk of cancer, and our survivorship guidelines help people live life to the fullest after cancer.
  • We work in communities across the country and in 37 hospitals in Kentucky to get health care professionals information and resources to help more people prevent cancer or find it early, when it may be easier to treat.
  • Our three peer-reviewed journals inform health care professionals about emerging science so they can provide the best possible care for their patients.

Helping Cancer Patients Access Care

  • Provided more than 5,400 rides to treatment and other cancer-related appointments.
  • Provided nearly 12,000 nights of free lodging at our Hope Lodge® communities, and 270 nights of free or reduced lodging through our Hotel Partners Program.
  • Our patient navigator in Kentucky helped guide more than 530 newly diagnosed cancer patients to overcome barriers to care.

Offering Information and Education

  • Our 24/7 helpline handled more than 7,000 calls and live chats from Kentucky residents seeking support, information, and resources.
  • Our website, cancer.org, had more than 590,000 visits from Kentucky residents for the latest, most accurate information on virtually all topics related to cancer.

Fighting Cancer through Public Policy  

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN), our nonprofit, nonpartisan, advocacy affiliate, works with lawmakers at the federal, state, and local levels to pass laws and policies that impact our mission and improve our ability to prevent, detect, and treat cancer. Some results of these efforts:  

  • Barrier-free access to tobacco cessation treatments for all Kentuckians: We passed legislation requiring all Kentucky insurers to cover all US Preventive Services Task Force-recommended tobacco cessation treatments, including all seven FDA-approved medications and all three forms of counseling, with cost-sharing or prior authorization.  
  • Increase in overall state funds for cancer research and screenings, despite proposed cuts to state-government funding. This includes $5 million in new funding for pediatric cancer research in Kentucky.

How we save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.


Raquel Lopez was pregnant with her fourth child when she noticed abnormal bleeding. It can be hard to determine what normal symptoms are when you’re pregnant, but stage II rectal cancer at 28 weeks pregnant is not. Because of the rarity of her disease which affects only 1 in 13,000, Raquel chose a center with experience treating the disease in pregnant women. The facility also happened to house an American Cancer Society Patient Navigator.

Near the end of her treatment, one of the nurses reached out to Raquel to see how she was doing. While Raquel was feeling well, she had something on her mind. A running toilet on the second floor of her home while Raquel was in treatment and couldn’t climb stairs resulted in a $3,000 water bill. The nurse put Raquel in touch with the American Cancer Society Patient Navigator. “One of my greater regrets was that I didn’t meet (her) sooner,” Raquel said. “She was so comforting, a friendly face.” Together they looked at options and several organizations in the area assisted with immediate help, including paying the water bill.

Patient navigators help guide patients through every step of their journey, from diagnosis through treatment and beyond. In 2017, more than 40,000 patients received personal guidance as they moved through the health care system, including helping with insurance problems, referring patients for American Cancer Society and other local services, communicating with their health care teams, assisting caregivers, and addressing obstacles to care. The Patient Navigator Program is just one example of how the American Cancer Society is attacking cancer from every angle.  

Following several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, Raquel gave birth to Maximus Crow, a healthy baby boy and Raquel’s superhero. With clear scans, Raquel is looking forward to enjoying summer after the crazy whirlwind of the last year. “Hopefully, everything major is in the rearview mirror,” Raquel said.

“One of my greater regrets was that I didn’t meet the patient navigator sooner. She was so comforting, a friendly face.”


Patient Navigator Guides Mom to a Joyful Delivery

Here are just a few examples of how we worked toward achieving our mission in 2018.