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All gifts through the online portal will be shared evenly by the KECC Charities: American Cancer Society, The Christian Appalachian Project, Community Health Charities, Kosair Charities, March of Dimes, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, United Way of Kentucky, and the WHAS Crusade for Children. Want to donate to your charity of choice? Click "add special instructions to the seller" in the online form and enter your charity information!

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A Letter from Governor Bevin

Dear Leaders of the Commonwealth,

As state employees, we work together each day to make Kentucky the greatest version of itself possible. Our roles may be varied and cabinet functions distinct, but we all make a significant difference. We lead by caring for others, devoting our time and talents, and lending a helping hand.

The Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign (KECC) provides a great opportunity to put this leadership into practice. Charities represented by KECC improve academic achievement, provide medical care to children, and rebuild communities after disasters strike.

I am humbled to serve as this year’s KECC Chair. The reason I selected Servant Leadership as our campaign theme, is because I believe servant leaders are dedicated to the well-being of their community in a way no one else can be.

It is time for all of us to step up and lead by example. Your generous, voluntary participation in KECC will touch the lives of those who need it most throughout the Commonwealth, including people and families in your community. Voluntary donations of any size help those in need during their darkest hours. Even more importantly, you will be helping Kentuckians reach their fullest potential.

Thank you for your consideration of this opportunity. As citizens, we should take our state motto to heart: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” By working together, we can create a Kentucky that shines like a beacon for the entire world to see and emulate.

Governor Matthew G. Bevin

Featured Charities


The American Cancer Society saves lives and creates more birthdays by helping people get well and stay well, by finding cures and fighting back. With every dollar raised, you are helping the American Cancer Society be there for those affected by every cancer in every community and their families, including those who are currently dealing with a diagnosis, those who may face a diagnosis in the future, and those who avoid a diagnosis altogether because of education and risk reduction.


Through housing repairs, food assistance, disaster relief, early childhood education, a thrift store, and elderly assistance the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) is building hope, transforming lives, and showing Christ’s love through service in Appalachia.


Community Health Charities of Kentucky (CHC) is a federation of the state’s premier health organizations that have joined together to raise charitable contributions in the workplace. Community Health Charities of Kentucky connects employees to health and wellness information, volunteer opportunities and the ability to direct donations to the local health charities of their choice.


Kosair Charities exists to protect the health and well-being of children in the Kentucky and Southern Indiana area by providing financial support for clinical services, research, pediatric health care education and child advocacy. Kosair Charities supports a network of hospitals, local convalescent homes, research centers and many other agencies dedicated to helping children - and this past year committed over $10 million in support and assistance to over 90 organizations in the Kentuckiana Area.


The Kentucky March of Dimes (MOD) has one goal: to help babies in our community start life in the healthiest way possible. Through education and intervention, we help moms-to-be learn how to take care of themselves before, during and after their pregnancy. We are also there when things don’t go as planned, providing comfort and information to families when a baby is born too soon.


As long as one child in this state is living in an abusive environment, Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky (PCAK) will strive toward our mission of preventing the abuse and neglect of Kentucky’s children. Programs and strategies include 1-800-CHILDREN - a 24/7 parent helpline, trainings on recognizing the signs of abuse, the “Never Shake a Baby” campaign and more.


United Way (UWKY) advances the common good by creating opportunities for a better life for all - making Kentucky communities and their citizens stronger. We fight for education, financial stability and health, because these are the building blocks for a good quality of life – a quality education that leads to a stable job, income that supports a family, and good health. United Way works each and every day to strengthen these building blocks for every Kentuckian.


The WHAS Crusade for Children exists to change the lives of children with special needs in Kentucky. Since 1954, millions of kids have been helped by the work of the Crusade and the generous donations of its supporters. 100% of every donation made in Kentucky stays here to help schools, hospitals and agencies help the children they serve. Thanks to you, even more children will have a chance at a better life in the coming year.

YES! I want to help my fellow Kentuckians.

A pledge form will be provided by a campaign volunteer, a fellow state employee. Only one form is required, even if you decide to support more than one charity. You can also get a pledge form right here at

Most people like to give through payroll deduction. It’s easy and lets you spread your gift over the course of a whole year. Contributions can also be made with cash or check. Just clip them to your pledge form. Checks should be made payable to: KECC (Kentucky Employees Charitable Campaign). Remember that your contribution to KECC may be tax-deductible (check with your accountant to make sure).

Why the KECC Charities?

The KECC Charities undergo rigorous scrutiny by the Personnel Cabinet and have met stringent guidelines. They are well-managed and accountable and they help people right here in the Commonwealth. These federations represent over a thousand charitable programs, and when you flip through the following pages, you will find that they touch all our lives.

Whether you know someone struggling to regain mobility after an accident, a family member who recently lost their job, a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, or you want to make sure your kids start school ready to succeed...your pledge can help make the difference.

Most importantly, 100% of collected pledges goes directly to help others when you give to one of the partner charities.

Can I give to other charities?

Yes, however, since the partner charities pay all KECC expenses, there is a 10 percent fee charged to non-partner charities to help offset the processing costs of these pledges. To avoid this, you may wish to donate directly to that charity or consider giving to one of the KECC partner charities. You may direct your gift to any 501(c)(3) organization by providing KECC with their address on the pledge form. To help hold down administrative costs, these gifts to other “write-in” charities must be at least a $50 cash gift or a payroll gift of $3 per paycheck.

Be a Leader!

Company about

One percent is all it takes to become a leadership giver! Every donation changes lives, but as you decide how you want to pledge this year, please consider joining the leadership circle. The chart below shows just how little it takes to make a big difference through leadership giving.

1% Leadership Giving By Salary Amount
$25,000 per year is just $10.42 a paycheck, for a total gift of $250.08.
$30,000 per year is just $12.50 a paycheck, for a total gift of $300.00.
$35,000 per year is just $14.59 a paycheck, for a total gift of $350.16.
$40,000 per year is just $16.67 a paycheck, for a total gift of $400.08.
$45,000 per year is just $18.75 a paycheck, for a total gift of $450.00.

Want to do more?

Become a Cornerstone Society Member.
If you want to make an even bigger difference in your community, KECC has a unique leadership program just for you. It’s called the Cornerstone Society. Any pledge of $1,000 or more is considered a Cornerstone Gift. That’s just $41.67 or more per paycheck. Talk to your KECC coordinator about obtaining a Cornerstone Society pledge card, fill it out and turn it in. It’s that easy, and it will help so many!

“Why should I release my name?”
When KECC sends payment to the charity of your choice, they only know who made the gift if you give us permission to release your name and contact information on the pledge form. If your pledge is directed to one or all of the KECC Charities, they will not use or release your information in any way other than to thank you.

Additional Information

What is ‘pledge loss,’ and how does it affect my payroll deduction donation?
Sometimes state employees make good-faith payroll deduction pledges to various charities through KECC, but are unable to fulfill them. In most cases, these employees retire or change careers before their payroll deduction pledge is fulfilled. Because of this, KECC?does not receive the full donation. The campaign cannot pass along funds it does not collect to the charities; therefore, all the charities share the actual amount of the pledge loss on payroll deduction pledges. The percent uncollected each year is small, averaging eight percent.

When will the charity of my choice receive the contributions I make?
Cash pledges are sent in the first quarter following the end of the campaign. Because payroll deduction allows you to spread your donation over the course of a year, we put your gift to use right away -- donations to the partner charities are sent quarterly. Other “write-in” designations will be sent once all of the payroll deductions have been collected. Questions? Get the facts! Call us at 502-589-2296.

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