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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the KECC Charities?

The state-approved KECC Charities undergo rigorous scrutiny by the Personnel Cabinet and have met stringent guidelines. They are well-managed and accountable and they help people right here in the Commonwealth.

These federations represent over 1,000 charitable programs, and when you flip through the KECC brochure, you will find that they touch all our lives.

Whether you know someone struggling to regain mobility after an accident, a family member recently lost their job, a loved one is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, or you want to make sure that your kids start school ready to succeed...your pledge can help make the difference.

Most importantly, 100 percent of collected pledges goes directly to help others when you give to one of the partner charities.

What is ‘pledge loss’, and how does it affect my payroll deduction donation?

Many state employees make good-faith payroll deduction pledges to various charities through KECC but are unable to fulfill them. In most cases, these employees retire or change careers before their payroll deduction pledge is fulfilled. Because of this, KECC does not receive the full donation. The campaign cannot pass along funds it does not collect to the charities; therefore, all the charities share the actual amount of the pledge loss on payroll deduction pledges. The percent uncollected each year is small, averaging eight percent.

KECC Administration

Does KECC have an annual audit?
Yes! Every year, the KECC administrator is required by the State of Kentucky to obtain an audit of the campaign financial statements. Links to the last five years of audit records are available below. If you would like earlier records, please contact Pam Benge at

2015 KECC Audited Financial Statements
2014 KECC Audited Financial Statements
2013 KECC Audited Financial Statements
2012 KECC Audited Financial Statements

2011 KECC Audited Financial Statements

Where does my gift go when I give to KECC?
When you give through KECC, your investment in Kentucky communities goes where you direct it. You can give to any one of the KECC Charities, or you can share your gift between all of them. It's up to you. Many of the Charities allow you to direct your gift even further, by designating the counties where you would like to focus your gift.

KECC donations support programs that help people in every county in Kentucky. The chart below shows exactly how state employees designated their donations in 2014.

2015 KECC Breakdown by Charity
Christian Appalachian Project
Community Health Charities
Kosair Charities $107,785
March of Dimes $42,560
Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky
United Way of Kentucky*
WHAS Crusade for Children
Your Total Investment in Kentucky
*includes write-in designations

How can I share my gift between the KECC Charities?
The KECC pledge form allows you to check a single box to share your gift between the state-approved charities. When you check this box, your gift is split between the charities.

When you give in a special event, your gift is split to the charities to most accurately reflect the giving choices of all state employees, according to the same percentage each agency received in the most recent campaign. For example, in 2015, using the totals above, the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) received 15.03% of the total campaign. In 2016, when you give through a special event, you can trust that CAP will receive 15.03% of your pledge.

Can I give to other charities?

Yes, however, since the partner charities pay all KECC expenses, there is a 10 percent cost recovery charged to non-partner charities to help offset the costs associated with operating the campaign to support these pledges. To avoid this, you may wish to donate directly to that charity or consider giving to one of the KECC partner charities.

You may direct your gift to any 501(c)(3) organization by providing KECC with their address on the pledge form. To help hold down administrative costs, these gifts to other “write-in” charities must be at least a $50 cash gift or a payroll gift of $3 per paycheck.

When will the charity of my choice receive the contributions I make?

Cash pledges are sent in the first quarter following the end of the campaign. Because payroll deductions allow you to spread your donation over the course of a year, we put your gift to use right away -- donations to the partner charities are sent quarterly. Other “write-in” designations will be sent once all of the payroll deductions have been collected. Questions? Get the facts! Call us at 502-589-2296.


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